The area around Shinjuku station is an extremely convenient place for people of all ages. Boasting a variety of stores of different flavors, Shinjuku should be your first consideration if you need something you can’t find at your local station. With furniture stores, supply shops, a multitude of clothing stores, restaurants as well as a few date spots, Shinjuku has what you need.


Only 10 minute walk from Shinjuku station there are several smaller areas each with their own specialties. To the west of Shinjuku in Shin-Okubo, there live many Korean citizens, making it one of the best places in Japan to eat delicious Korean barbeque or have Boba Tea. Just make sure you can beat the waiting lines, as these places are very popular. To the east of Shinjuku station there are many hotels and government offices. This is where you can get all the help you need with managing bills associated with living costs, such as gas, electric, and water supply. More often than not, Shinjuku is where you’ll need to go if you have to make special arrangements with your bills, so knowing where these suppliers are located is crucial.


The electric city, Akihabara is a maelstrom of noise and color. Only a few stops from Shinjuku and Tokyo station, Akihabara is the mecca of computer parts, electronics repair, and anime pop culture. If you’re searching for a multi-terabyte hard drive, the latest in wearable tech, or the best repair shop for your cracked iPhone screen, Akihabara has it all.


Within walking distance from Akihabara there are two more nice stations, Jimbocho and Ochanomizu. In Jimbocho you can find all kinds of used books and quiet coffee shops, and it is also where Meiji University is located. Ochanomizu has many office buildings with a variety of international and domestic businesses operating above clean spacious streets with restaurants and general goods stores all around, making it a good location for any student internship efforts.



With student life and a regular college workload, you need a place to relax. As one of Tokyo’s most famous locations, Shibuya has a strong reputation among students looking for a place to go out together on weekends. However the area is slowly being developed by the government to improve it’s public image. With more skyscrapers and office buildings being built around the station, Shibuya is being transformed into a more accessible, modern hub for IT businesses, food culture, and nightlife. Soon Shibuya will become a place where you can work, shop, and party in a bustling area with cutting-edge architectural design.



Another one of Tokyo’s more famous locations, Harajuku is a reliable place for college students to go when they’re looking for affordable, yet fashionable, clothing. With an abundance of vintage clothing stores, bars, and tiny yet fashionable places to grab a bite, Harajuku has got your back.


A lesser known location to most is Tachikawa. With one of the largest stations in Tokyo, Tachikawa has a similar amount of shopping malls, entertainment centers, and office buildings as some stations in downtown Tokyo. Located near the mountains in western Tokyo, Tachikawa is connected to both Tokyo and Shinjuku station on the Chuo line. Both Ikea and Costco are reachable from Tachikawa. It’s the perfect place to go for affordable furniture and kitchenware for your dorm or apartment, or for when you feel like saving big and buying food or other products in bulk from Costco.


Stay Organized

While Tokyo provides university students with one of the most convenient places to live around the world, keep these parts of town in mind so you can get what you need without missing a beat in the busy metropolis life.