Weekend Festivities

As an international student, there are a lot of fun events and activities in which you could take part in throughout the whole year; university festival is definitely not one to miss. For most Japanese Universities, students look forward to school festival as it is one of the biggest and most exciting events of the year. The Kyushu University Festival, “Kyudai-sai” (九大祭)  is the most anticipated annual event held at Kyushu University. Let’s find out more about it!

Kyudai-sai is held annually, usually at the end of November. The festival in 2018, the 71st Kyudai-sai,  was held at the beginning of October, marking the completion of the relocation of campus. The festival takes place on the weekend and lasts for a full two days, which transforms the quiet and tranquil atmosphere of the school into a bustling and lively place. Visitors have student performances to watch, exhibitions to view, as well as booths and stores that extends from one corner of the campus through to the other end – there is something for everyone.

Kyushu University Festival's students preparing for a group picture

This school-wide event is held together with Kyushu University students, where clubs (circles) prepare most of the booths and performances. The student effort in preparing for this annual festival is evidential, just by a glimpse of the festival. The busy yet cheerful atmosphere starts even before the festivities begin. Just imagining the number of visitors, motivates the students to work even harder – Kyudai-sai has an average of 25,000 people attending this festival –  who wouldn’t get pumped up for this event?

Kyu-Shu University during the Kyudai-sai, university festival

What makes Kyudai-sai so unique?

Now we have a better understanding of how large university festivals are in Japan – what is it that makes Kyudai-sai so unique?

Aside from Kyushu university being one of the well-known universities in Japan, here are three suggested reasons to attend Kyudai-sai.

First, this event is 100% free entrance! Everyone is welcome and it is free to come and go as you like. Food stands and merchandise will be on sale, most of the performances and shows are all student-led and are free. Just by walking through the booths and looking around at the campus is already enough to make your visit worth the time.

Student organization preparing and helping out on their own respective circles

Second, there are many important guest speakers and popular lecturers in Kyushu university that comes and participate in the event. The result announcement for Mr. and Ms. Kyudai contest and their stage performances are also ones to see. Mr. and Ms. Kyudai contest is a popularity contest that decides the apex among the university – it’s a deciding contest for the most popular students among Kyushu University.

Mr. and Ms. Kyushu University contest final announcement

Lastly, Kyudai-sai is not a festival that is only for Kyushu University students to enjoy, there are many varieties of activities and shows where anyone from children to adults can enjoy and join in the fun.

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