What Is The Innovation Science Degree Program?

Under the School of Environment and Society, the esteemed Innovation Science department at the Tokyo Institute of Technology is dedicated to “revolutionizing industry and society with the power of intellect”. Reserved for those seeking to obtain a post-undergraduate degree, the Innovation Science concentration is notable because of its progressive attempts in “creating new social and economic values based on a deep understanding of science, technology and socioeconomic systems.” Devoted to training graduates who will effectively be able to “create groundbreaking knowledge in technology and business management, and strategically design, plan, and execute new businesses and projects…” as well as “cultivate innovators who work towards a prosperous society by fuelling the creation of scientific and technological knowledge and incorporating this new knowledge into society and industry,” it was imperative for this department to have implemented a curriculum that allows students to gather “advanced knowledge of cutting-edge technology and industry sectors,” whether this be through active discussions, frequent collaborations, hands-on lessons, or important projects. Class sizes are on the smaller side, with this allowing room for more in-depth, individualized learning. Overall, there’s 86 students and faculty members in this certain degree program with the emphasis on there being a mere 30 doctoral students.

On average, it takes approximately two years to complete the master’s, doctoral, and professional degree programs. In order to gain admission into either of these competitive programs, a number of entrance tests are offered by Tokyo Tech in which possible incoming students have the option to take.


The Tokyo Institute of Technology has a number of resources for its Innovation Science students, with its most prominent services being its laboratories. Some of these well-equipped facilities include the Inaba Laboratory meant for those seeking to “design innovative machines by mechanical modeling…from viewpoints of mechanics and material sciences” and the Kajikawa Laboratory perfect for the “realization of sustainable society by innovation…in diverse fields including energy, information, and medical and health systems.” Another noteworthy lab is the Saijo Laboratory for “diffusion of innovation by communication design”. Keep in mind, that there are many more laboratories within the Innovation Science department that students are free to utilize.

The Innovation Science program can’t be discussed with praising its influential faculty as well. Professors and other staff within the department are known for their remarkable contributions in their given fields and their willingness to help cultivate the talents of every single student who walks into their classrooms. Tokyo Tech proudly lists the names of their faculty under the Innovation Science site with their titles, researcher profile under STAR search, and, at times, a link to their personal pages detailing their work, career trajectory, and inspiring achievements.

Career Paths

With a degree in Innovation Science, the list for which career path one can follow can go on and on. Some potential careers one can pursue are research and education positions at universities, management level positions at companies, government agencies and international organizations, think tanks, and non-profit institutions, or becoming an entrepreneur. Some popular potential employers known to hire Innovation Science graduates are Nomura Research Institute, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, and Kyoto University.

Tokyo Tech proudly claims that “by transforming knowledge into the power to innovate, its graduates initiate positive changes in our lives.” As a result, graduate success stories are happily shared to inspire those interesting in attending the university as well. Innovation Science highlights graduate success stories on its page to show how “the graduates of Tokyo Tech are among those who make it possible with new ideas and discoveries.”

When it comes down to it, Innovation Science is the go-to program to apply for if you’re a creative thinker with the drive and passion to help solve real-world problems with innovative and technology-based solutions.