As nice as it is to get to know all the best spots around your apartment and university, Tokyo has many colorful locations, each with their own special culture personality. Exploring the city is an adventure loved by foreign and domestic university students alike. Here are some of the most popular areas to visit during your study abroad in Japan.

Shibuya, commonly recognized for “The Scramble Crosswalk” is the center for the youth fashion and culture. Center-Gai is a busy pedestrian zone in the heart of Shibuya lined by stores and multiple towering shopping departments. Vivid lights array the crowded streets with restaurants, bars and clubs. In the city that never sleeps, Shibuya and Roppongi are the most popular places for a night out.

Harajuku is another hot spot for fashion and culture. Originally known as a cosplay district, now there is a wide variety of clothes shops containing everything from second-hand goods, to unique Japanese fashion, to some of the world’s most popular brands. Contemporary art galleries can also be enjoyed alongside small cafes on side streets.

Yoyogi Park – The large patch of forest in the middle of Tokyo is especially spectacular during cherry blossom season and an equally pleasant location for a relaxing afternoon picnic with friends.


For a change of vibe, Shimokitazawa provides you a vintage, nostalgic feel as you stroll around hopping from thrift stores to hand-dripped coffee shops to tiny but energetic bars. Koenji also share a similar feel with antique shops and quaint restaurants, not to mention the old Japanese bars aligned under the railway line.

Kichijoji has the lovely Inokashira Park minutes away from the station, a wide range of places to eat, shop and drink, including standing bars in Harmonica Alley and family restaurants in the Sun Road shopping area. The perfect combination of liveliness and calming scenes attract people of all ages. Public opinion polls regularly place Kichijoji as number one desired area to live in Japan, even as a foreigner and for good reason.

person standing in between buildings at night time

You can enjoy most areas in Tokyo just by walking around. In such a densely populated city like Tokyo, the key is to never stop exploring – you never know when new stores or exhibitions will appear and add to the spirit of the neighborhood.