Briefly mentioned in previous Schoolynk article: “English Program at Hosei University”, this article will elaborate further on the Sustainability Co-creation Program (SCOPE).

Sustainability Co-creation Program (SCOPE) was established in 2016. It is an English-based degree Japan program, offered for undergraduate students in Faculty of Sustainability Studies at Hosei University. The program aims to train students to become citizens who have both global and local perspective in solving the issues in modern society. These students will become the seeds of the future, who will work towards the realization of a sustainable society, where people and nature can live in harmony.

Hosei University

Why choose Sustainability Co-creation Program (SCOPE)?

SCOPE is an opportunity for international students to acquire not only knowledge from one field of discipline, but a diverse knowledge from disciplines related to society, such as humanities, social sciences, economics, and natural sciences and art. As students in this program will be composed of people from different countries, it is also an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who cared about society and environment and to acquire perspective from different countries and cultures. Furthermore, students will not be constrained to learning only theories in class, but actually be given opportunities to interact with local Japanese communities and to apply their knowledge and skills to improve these communities.


Students enrolling in SCOPE will be able to choose courses from three categories:

  1. SCOPE Core Courses
    These are the key courses for SCOPE offered by the Faculty of Sustainability Studies. The courses come from various different disciplines, such as the ones mentioned above, but they are focused on the topic of sustainability.
  2. Ichigaya Liberal Arts Center (ILAC) Courses
    ILAC offers basic liberal arts courses, which will allow students to obtain  important academic skills such as critical thinking and information literacy. The diversity of the courses will also enable students to develop a wider world-view.

  3. Global Open (GO) Programs and other courses
    In the effort of developing internationally competent students, Hosei University established an open program for specialized courses taught in English. Through this initiative, SCOPE students can study various other subjects they are interested in outside of the SCOPE core courses. Aside from the open program initiative, there is also the Exchange Students from Overseas Program (ESOP) which offers diverse courses on Japan-related topics, including Japanese language, taught in English. SCOPE students can take these courses to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture and develop communication skill in both English and Japanese.two girls brainstorming ideas on wall


SCOPE has two application periods in February/March and April/May. Prospective students will be screened only through their application documents, consisting of their essay, high school transcripts, result of English proficiency tests, and other documents listed in the application guidelines.

Students applying for SCOPE have to meet all of the following qualifications:

  1. Applicants qualify for either requirement [1] or [2]:
    [1] Applicants have completed or are expected to complete 12 years of formal education in a country besides Japan before enrollment (Monday, September 10, 2018) and have qualifications for admission into a college program in the home country or equivalent.
    [2] Applicants have graduated or are expected to graduate from a high school in Japan and satisfy one of the following requirements : a. Applicants graduated or are expected to graduate from a high school or mid-level education program before enrollment : b. Applicants have completed or are expected to complete 12 years of formal education before enrollment :c. Applicants are certified to have fulfilled the same or higher academic requirements as high school graduates based on Article 150 of the Enactment of the School Education Law or Applicants who are expected to receive such certification before enrollment.
  2. Applicants must have a strong desire to study in the Sustainability Co-creation Programme, Faculty of Sustainability Studies.
  3. Applicants must satisfy one of the following English proficiency conditions:
    TOEFL®iBT: 61 or higher (PBT: 500 or higher)
    IELTS (Academic Module): 5.5 or higher
    TOEIC®L&R: 700 or higherMore information regarding the admission to SCOPE can be found here: For further inquiries, contact the following e-mail: