A Little Bit About the Takase Corporation and its Inspiration for this Scholarship

The goal of the Takase Scholarship is to aid foreign nationals studying in Japan who have difficulty in funding their education once already enrolled in a Japanese university and studying within Japan.  This scholarship was founded in 1985 by Hidetaro Takase who was then in charge of the Takase Corporation, a logistics and shipping company which was founded over one hundred years ago.  Opening its doors in 1873, the first Takase office in Yokohama began shipping goods to and from Tokyo.  It has now grown to become an integral company within Japan, handling much of its internal shipping.  The goal of this scholarship is to foster healthy business relations with internationals as those who created the scholarship understand that the cost of living in Tokyo and Japan in general is steeper than many are able to afford without financial hardships.  This scholarship is more directly aimed at those in graduate programs but those in undergraduate programs are still eligible and encouraged to apply as well.  On average, there have been about 15 applicants that have been accepted per year, and of those 15 applicants, at least ten have been from those in undergraduate programs.

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The Qualified Demographic and What the Scholarship Provides

As stated above this scholarship is designed to assist those already studying in Japan.  Only non-Japanese nationals can accept the scholarship funding.  One other requirement is that these students are already privately funded and after moving to Japan, financial restrictions require them to apply for financial aid.  Applicants are asked to apply for this scholarship through their enrolled institution as a direct application to the Takase Scholarship Foundation is prohibited. There are three types of qualified applicants: graduate students whose research fosters international cooperation, undergraduate students studying in an English language based program, and short-term exchange students.  If accepted, applicants could receive up to ¥100,000 per month for one year.  Those who are already receiving upwards of ¥30,000 per month are ineligible to apply.  About 15 applicants will be accepted per annum.  The application process is only open from between July and September every year so be sure to be around Japan in the summer!

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How to apply

All applications must be done via the applicant’s Japanese university, whether that be their host university or their home university.  There is a writing segment and this must be handwritten in Japanese by the applicant themselves.  Once the application for scholarship has been handed in, by the end of August there will be an interview by the scholarship’s selection committee.  In September the document will be reviewed by the foundation committee and by early October, notification of the selection results will be posted.  See your counselors concerned with scholarships at whichever school you are attending in Japan to see if your school is qualified to receive applicants for the Takase Scholarship!  The guidelines for further information regarding how to apply will be given to the qualified universities in Japan.  Good luck!