Are dormitories the only options provided by the Waseda University for international students? Contrary to popular beliefs, they are not! Apartments are comparable, if not better, alternatives to dormitories that should not be undermined!

Read on to learn the perks of living in an apartment from an international student at the Waseda University and the various options available for all Waseda students!

Hear it from a Waseda Student

Meet Junka, a Chinese undergraduate student enrolled in the TAISI Program under the School of Social Sciences at the Waseda University!

When initially searching for accommodation, Junka relied on online search engines and suggestions by past students.

I chose apartment over dormitory after comparing and analyzing how closely the two options matched my personal preferences. In the beginning, I spent a long time reading online about suggestions and personal experiences because I was stressed with house hunting. In the end, I thought that living in an apartment by myself is totally cool! There are so many places to pick from, especially here in Tokyo!”

New Lifestyle, New Hobbies

After beginning her life in Japan, Junka realized that the apartment lifestyle allowed her to pursue her love for food without limitations!

“I have my own kitchen, so it is just absolutely perfect. I am living in a place where there are lots of amazing supermarkets and actually good food. If you know me, you know I am not kidding when I say food makes me super happy!”

For lunch, Junka often makes her own bento box to share with her friends. Check out this delicious looking bento box, made by Junka at her apartment! Even after a busy day of classes, Junka makes authentic recipes for homemade dinners!

Long-term Benefits

As for long-term advantages of living in an apartment, Junka feels that this lifestyle prepares her to be an independent adult in society.

A significant advantage of the apartment is that it is good for me to manage my study and life. I feel like it got me ready for the transition into a real member of society. It is a good chance for me to learn to be independent, which I think is why I like it. It is a good exercise to help me develop self-independent in dealing with things and learning to stand on my own feet!”

Thank you Junka for your insights! Now, let us look at the options and procedures when preparing to live in an apartment near the Waseda University!

Waseda University Property Management Corporation

To support students of the Waseda University, the Waseda University Property Management Corporation was established in 1948 as a mediation and management facility for renting transactions. International students have the option of living in an apartment leased by one of the institution’s partner owners or any apartment near Waseda!

Apartment Options Near Waseda

Junka agrees that proximity to campus becomes crucial when choosing the right apartment.

I live near the campus, so it is quite convenient to walk to school from my apartment every day. It saves me a lot of time, especially when I ride a bicycle to the classes!”

There are three general types of apartments near the University available for Waseda students: those managed by Waseda University Property Management Corporation, those not managed by the corporation, and those leased by partner landlords to the corporation. While there is an endless array of options for apartments not managed by the university’s corporations, there is a limited number of the company-managed and partner apartments that we will introduce below.

Company-Managed Apartments

The following apartments are run by the Waseda University Property Management Corporation, which makes the renting procedures very efficient. Both are for FEMALE WASEDA STUDENTS ONLY.

The Ichishima Memorial Dormitory is located in Nishi-Waseda, only 2 minutes on foot from the main campus! The rent is slightly high at 70,000 JPY – 78,000 JPY per month, but this includes all utility fees for water, gas, electricity, internet access, and basic furniture.

Also located in Nishi-Waseda, the WUE Okuma Avenue offers an all-inclusive rent of 78,000 JPY – 87,000 JPY per month. The cost is slightly higher due to its larger room sizes and fewer units. Basic utilities are also included in this cost.

For more information, you can visit the website by clicking here!

Partner Apartments

The following apartments are run by owners who have partner affiliations with the Waseda University Property Management Corporation. They are especially recommended for international students who are unfamiliar with life in Japan! These apartments have fewer units, and they all require individual contracts and payment for internet, water/sewage, and electricity/gas utilities.

Here is a brief outline of the 5 partner apartments.

LocationMonthly Rent
ESPERANZA 5 minutes by walk
from Shimoigusa station
on Seibu Shinjuku Line
50,000yen ~65,000yen
Green Hill

5 minutes by walk
from Shimo-Ochiai Station
on the Seibu Shinjuku Line
Ito Building5 minutes by walk
from Waseda Station
on the Tozai Line
Waseda MY
3 minutes by walk
from Waseda Station
on the Tozai Line
White Heim10 minutes by walk
from Tokorozawa station
on Seibu Ikebukuro Line
58,000yen ~60,000yen

For more information, you can visit the website here.

How To Rent an Apartment in Japan

Pen on to Do List Paper

Here are 5 easy steps offered by the Waseda University Property Management Corporation when renting an apartment in Japan!

1. Outline your dream apartment

What is your target price range? Is there a convenient location? How big do you want your room and with which housing plan? What is your intended period of stay? Any room facilities that you simply can’t live without?

These are some questions to sort out before starting your official apartment hunting sessions. With these aspects in mind, you are ready to find your dream residence!

2. Contact the Waseda University Property Management Corporation

Through either a phone call or email, you can contact the Waseda University Property Management Corporation to introduce yourself. There is also an online request form, where you can fill out your demographics and renting preferences.

3. Tour the apartments

For students in Japan, the corporation will take you on a personal tour around apartments that fit your preferences. For those outside Japan, they will send photographs and descriptions of each choice via email.

4. Apply for the apartment/ Sign the contract

Once selecting an apartment, the corporation will mediate your application submissions to the landlord and the guarantee company. Once you have passed their evaluations, the Waseda University Property Management Corporation will walk you through the contract and signing procedures!

5. Move in!

You’re done! While you must contact the water and other utility companies before your move-in, the Waseda University Property Management Corporation is there to provide any assistance if needed!

What comes after moving in? That’s for you to find out! So why not challenge yourself by renting an apartment and take the opportunity of studying in Japan to experience the true lifestyle of a Japanese college student? You got this! Take it from Junka, who is very pleased with her decision to stay in an apartment and recommends it to all prospective Waseda students!

“I am just so happy with the decision that I made for my first year of college!”

~ Junka


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