Niyati’s Unique Vision for her Career

Niyati developed a deep passion for engineering and math in grade 6 due to the influence of an amazing teacher in India, who encouraged her to follow her innate passion and skills for math and science. She specifically gave her extra textbooks to study, offered her advice along the way, and continually encouraged her innate interest in the math and sciences. Through her positive influence, Niyati decided to pursue this career path.

And Niyati specifically enjoys computer science and engineering, because it’s based on logic and math. Instead of rote memorization, Niyati enjoys the process of learning the logic behind the numbers and understanding the core systems in order to produce new data and insight.

Based on the positive influence of her teachers and the logical thinking behind the sciences, Niyati decided that she wanted to contribute to the safety and security of AI and robotics.

AI and robotics are the future of technology. But little do we know if these emerging sectors of technology will have a positive impact upon the world or be a threat. Niyati would like to ensure the safety and security of AI and robotics, so that they have a positive impact.

By thinking about the possible ramifications of certain technologies before creating them, and also contributing towards creating a more security-minded technology world, Niyati has a unique career vision and very important mission for society.

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