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Tokyo University of the Arts (東京藝術大学, Tōkyō Geijutsu Daigaku) or Geidai (芸大) is one of the most prestigious art schools in Japan. Situated in Ueno Park, this prestigious university originally accepted only male students, but it began to admit women in 1946. 

Tokyo University of the Arts is spread across four campuses: Ueno Park in Taito-ku, Toride City in Ibaraki Prefecture, Yokohama City in Kanagawa Prefecture and Senju in Adachi-ku, with the majority of departments and facilities concentrated within Ueno Park. Because Tokyo Geidai’s foundation is the only national arts university in Japan, it has established the prestige of providing high-quality education and research in the field of arts. It undoubtedly plays a crucial role in making significant contributions to Japanese culture and arts development. Recent years have witnessed the most rapid development of the university when it is the only art institution in Japan to be recognized as a “Top Global University” and a “COI” (Center of Innovation) site.

Without further ado, let’s discover the unique aspects that make Tokyo University of the Arts an ideal environment for you to foster your passion and education in arts.

An art degree and professional environment

Have you ever wondered why you specifically want to get immersed in arts studies? Is it because of your passion or your means of earning a living?

Whatever your reason is, you should know that art is appreciated by everyone, regardless of the background, education, or beliefs. If you wish to enrich your art knowledge, you might need to access a proper art education and engage yourself in a professional arts environment. The environment at Tokyo University of the Arts will provide you the opportunities to discuss the subjects, develop and cultivate your arts-related skills that are essential to your future career. In an environment equipped with the necessary tools and surrounded by like-minded individuals, you are also able to meet art professionals, who can give you constructive feedback and guide you towards your future goals. At Tokyo University of the Arts, you can receive significant support from your professors from the time you enter the university until you have graduated. The career office of Tokyo will provide you with internship opportunities and support you with your research or personal performances.

Moreover, an art degree does not limit yourself to an art career, because this asset is very useful in a wide variety of different industries. For example, many art graduates find themselves using their skills in media and marketing roles. Some have already been really successful in applying arts education to teaching as a way of inspiring others.

Overall, if you are considering an art degree, you should take advantage of these opportunities at Tokyo University of the Arts to fully develop your potential. 

State-of-the-art facilities

International House
The International House is a three-story building that was established to serve as the residence for international students and researchers, thereby contributing to international exchange in education and research. The house consists of 36 single rooms, 6 double rooms, and 2 family rooms. In the international house, you are able to use common-use areas such as a conversation room (lounge), multi-purpose room (studio), and music practice rooms. This is a unique feature of Tokyo University of the Arts as it always tries its best to provide you the best environment to enhance your creativity.

The University Art Museum
Tokyo University of the Arts’s museum stores research projects and preserve art materials as a joint effort involving both the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Music. Moreover, the University Art Museum aims to function as an experimental art museum, unprecedented in Japan. You might be inspired by the artistic vibes and the well-known arts projects here.

Performing Arts Center

The library at Tokyo University of the Arts has a collection of about half a million volumes, associating with mainly arts and music. Apart from books and periodicals, there is also a large number of music scores and audio-visual materials, especially the invaluable resources of Western arts in the late 19th century. You can come to this library to find your materials or to change your self-study environment.

Sogakudo Concert Hall
It would be a huge mistake not to mention Sogakudo Concert Hall since this is an impressive building that serves as a site for musical education and research. The concert hall at Tokyo University of the Arts is the first in the world to have the entire ceiling above the audience movable seats, allowing the acoustic features of the hall to be adjusted according to the music being played.

Sogakudo Concert Hall

Various Arts Programs 

Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School

 The Graduate School aims to facilitate education and research relating to the practice and theory of art, explore the depths of art, and contribute to the advancement of culture.

Faculty of Fine Arts / Graduate School of Fine Arts

The Faculty of Fine Arts and the Graduate School of Fine Arts both aim to impart academic knowledge relating to art. They have produced numerous world-renowned artists, playing a central role in Japanese art from the days of the University’s predecessor, the Tokyo Fine Arts School. 

Entrance of Department of Fine Arts. Retrieved from

Faculty of Music / Graduate School of Music

The Faculty of Music at the Tokyo University of the Arts is the only specialized faculty of music in Japan that collaborated with a national university. With a 120-year history in its several embodiments, the faculty has made a name for itself in music education and research in various musical fields.

The Graduate School of Music now offers a master’s degree program and a doctoral program with new research domains being added over the years.
This school aims to cultivate educators and researchers with in-depth knowledge required to engage in creative work and research.

The departments of the music field are shown below. You had better click on each department’s website for further details about the curriculum.

PianoOrganStrings InstrumentsWind and PercussionChamber MusicEarly Music
In the department of instrumental music, you are able to choose your specialized courses related to the specific instruments that you want to learn.

Music EducationSolfegeLiterature in MusicCreativity of Music and SoundCreativity of Arts and the Environment

Graduate School of Film and New Media

While there are many film institutions in many countries around the world, Japan has not taken the importance of film media as an industry into consideration for some reasons. However, the establishment of the Graduate School of Film and New Media at the Tokyo University of the Arts has produced a new era of world-class Asian talent in the last few years. This shows that the Graduate School of Film and New Media at this university is a dream place for anyone interested in the film industry. This is an autonomous graduate school without an undergraduate faculty, offering masters and doctoral programs. 

Developed in collaboration with Yokohama City, the Graduate School of Film and New Media hopes to nurture potential people who will be able to make contributions to the development of the Japanese film industry and promote the power of Japanese art and culture.

Final message

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

If you are passionate about arts and excited to explore Japanese arts, manga, and anime, then Tokyo University of the Arts is definitely a perfect fit for you. Immersing yourself in the prestigious education of arts provided by Geidai will not only enhance your creativity, but it can also assist you in your future career. In this professional environment, you are totally able to create your own unique works, which might reach other people, resonate with them, and eventually change the way they think or live.

The Tokyo University of the Arts has a myriad of exciting opportunities and activities for you to explore. Why not get to know more about this prestigious university from other alumni? You can hear what others say about their university life at Tokyo University of the Arts here.

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