The idea of studying in the Land of the Rising Sun is appealing to many aspiring international students. There are so many things to look forward to experiencing in Japan that just being here is a learning experience in itself. Coming to Japan to pursue higher education takes grit, guts, and a grueling application process not limited to admission to your dream university. It involves applying for scholarships, for a student visa, for accommodation, for bank accounts, for health insurance, and the list goes on. For international students outside Japan, this whole process is unchartered territory, and help is oftentimes limited. Though overwhelming, it is not impossible to get through all this. Before you know it, you’re waking up to another day of going to class at your university, rushing to grab breakfast and catch your usual train. Curious to know how international students in Japan are dealing with their school life and how they are spending their time outside school? Take a glimpse into what it’s like to study in Japan as 12 undergraduate international students share their precious experiences in Japan and give advice to aspiring students.

Transferring to a Japanese University

It’s uncommon and quite difficult to transfer to a different university halfway through your undergraduate studies. However, for these two students from the Philippines, studying in Japan was the key to opening more doors of opportunity to grow as a person and to expand their career options. Here are Paulo Oyama and Eli Signo’s stories, both undergraduate students of Waseda University.

Cultural Crossroads

Two Indonesian students both studying Liberal Arts but in two different universities; how different can their student life experience be? Miyuki Nabila shares her joys as a university student in Waseda and Marco Christian walks us through his daily routine as a Sophia Unversity student.

The Northeast Region of Japan (Tohoku) is known for its quaint countryside, mesmerizing mountains, calm lakes, relaxing hot springs, high-quality rice, and some of the roughest winters up north. Here, an undergraduate student of Advanced Molecular Chemistry at Tohoku University, Trishit Banerjee shares his activities in and around his campus in Sendai. Anubrata Nath, a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering student from the same university, tells us how he balances fun and work as an engineering student.