Why Study Pre-Med in Osaka?

The medical facilities in Japan are top notch and plentiful.  They are also easily accessible by both nationals and foreigners alike in Japan via the nationalized health service and their tourist-insured equivalent.  This combination of universal medicare as well as well functioning, well staffed, and up to date hospitals and clinics are a rarity in the world today.  The major cities in Japan are where most of the top class facilities and research centers are located, and Osaka would be regarded as somewhere in the top three by most measurements in league with Tokyo and Kyoto.  Osaka itself has several hospitals as well as many medical research institutions (some of which have post-graduate opportunities in English) which, if interested, would be a viable avenue to continue one’s studies.

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In some countries there is no dedicated pre-med undergraduate route, but in Japan both options are available depending on the institution.  Currently there is only one university in Osaka that provides pre-med undergraduate courses taught in English, but it is one of the best research institutes in Japan, let alone the world.  This program offers the vital undergraduate level understanding of the medical field that will help students be able to propel themselves into the rest of their studies at the graduate level or for entering the world of science with a bacehlor’s.

Schools with Pre-Med Courses in the City

Osaka University

This being one of the biggest and most well-funded universities in Japan, their medical department is also state of the art.  Osaka University Hospital alone treated over half a million patients in 2017.  Within their Faculty of Medicine there are several departments covering everything from surgery to dentistry and radiology.  Research is also high upon their list, including experimental research on human twins and animals (of course, under international guidelines).  Osaka University has recently begun to offer the Chemistry-Biology Combined Major Program.  As its name implies, the focus will be on chemistry and biology with further studies in mathematics, physics, as well as some courses in the liberal arts.  Japanese language courses are also a requirement as graduates are expected to be able to pursue a professional level of Japanese proficiency.  4 semesters of Japanese language courses are the requirement but further studies are available for those who are motivated.  There are also several research institutes that Osaka University is partnered with in some form or other.  This new program as well as its recent outreach has been part of an effort by the university to become more international and by joining the CBCMP, one can join the ground floor of their new ambition.

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How to Pursue Further Medical Education in Japan

Unfortunately at the moment there is only one English taught pre-med program in Osaka, however, once graduated, there are several programs in the city at the graduate level that are taught in English.  Studying Japanese is also a very viable way to get into the Japanese market as Japan highly regards medical research and its researchers.  Japan is also trying to internationalize as a whole, so the main objective for researchers and for those trying to get into the graduate level is to become adequate in their field, something that Osaka University is highly reputed to offer.