Currently a private University, Hosei University started out as a school of law. Hosei is widely recognized as one of the top popular Universities in Japan. Hosei University is also known for its distinguished sports teams. They are part of Japan’s most prestigious college sports leagues; Tokyo’s Big Six Baseball League. In addition to many of the Japanese-based courses, there has also been an introduction of English-based courses. At Hosei University you have the opportunity to study Japanese in Tokyo while experiencing the exquisite culture of Japan.

Students that are part of the intensive Japanese Language program at Mt. Fuji                                                                                                  

Japanese Language Program (non-degree seeking)

Hosei University created this program to achieve globalization within the campus. This program is provided for non-degree students whose native language is not Japanese.  This course does not  affect your degree. This program is solely for those who want to improve their Japanese skills. The main goal of this program is to help students obtain a Japanese ability that will allow them to succeed at an undergraduate and graduate level, as well as when you start working. A Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4 level is required to participate in this program. You must hold a nationality that is not Japanese and must have completed 12 years of schooling outside of Japan. Students can decide if they want to attend for either one semester or two. The enrollment process happens in April and September. The spring semester happens from April to July, while the fall semester occurs September to January. After completing this program you will receive a certificate issued under the School Education Act.


Exchange students wearing Yukatas during the summer program at Hosei University                                                                          

Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Program

The intensive Japanese language and culture program is offered during the summer and winter seasons. It is offered to both undergraduate students and graduate students who are attending partner universities of Hosei. This is a two-week program that focuses on both the Japanese language and Japanese culture. There is an emphasis on experiencing the culture and society, so students can participate in different cultural activities. These activities can include wearing Yukatas, cooking Japanese foods, and excursions to either Mt. Fuji or Asakusa. Activities and schedules are subject to change. What makes this program unique is the assistance is provided by the regular students at Hosei University. They may help with your language studies and will participate in activities as well. During each season, approximately 40 students will be accepted to participate. To check if your university is partnered with Hosei, check out this link:

Regular Hosei Students assisting exchange students with the Japanese language                                                                                  

Exchange Program (ESOP) from Overseas Program

This exchange program allows students to continue their preferred studies at Hosei University. Courses that pertain to their major are mainly taught in English. Students are also able to take part in the Japanese Language program. You will first be tested on your ability and different levels will be assigned in alignment to your Japanese ability. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, there is a level available to you. Those of higher level will learn honorific words, phrasings, and academic Japanese so that they can thrive in higher education and employment in Japan. Individuals of high Japanese ability may also take regular courses in Japanese.

Students at Hosei University producing a Japanese and english Newspaper

All three campuses of Hosei University are in Tokyo, so you are free to explore all the different neighbourhoods of Tokyo.
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You may be able to see yourself at Hosei University in the future!

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