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Osaka is dubbed as the ‘Nation’s Kitchen’ and the gateway of travelers and traders. It is the third-largest city in Japan with over 2.5 million people in just the metropolitan capital city, and its ever-growing cities in Osaka prefecture spell out strides in globalization and the continuous influx of tourists as well. Also, part of the charm of this prefecture is its people. Osaka people are generally known to be more laid-back, down-to-earth, humorous, and friendly; not to mention their own distinct dialect that many find quirky and charismatic. Their stark contrast with Tokyo people is a point of interest in interacting with locals from these areas. It’s no wonder that this prefecture also attracts a number of international students seeking to study at a Japanese university. If you want to know more and indulge yourself in the culture and food of Osaka for more than a short trip, how about a one-year exchange program to one of the universities here? Better yet, how about getting a degree here altogether? In this article, we’ve compiled a list of universities in Osaka that offer courses in English so you can explore your options as well.

List of Universities

Osaka University

Osaka University Suita Campus

One of the largest universities in Kansai region, Osaka University was established in 1931, and as a top-tier university ranked 8th in Japan University Rankings according to Times Higher Education (2020). It currently has 11 undergraduate schools (2 in English), 16 graduate schools (8 in English) multiple research facilities, university hospitals and university libraries. Home to over 25,000 students, the international student population goes up to roughly 2,300 students. It is one of Japan’s National Seven Universities, and its reputation as a prestigious university is known to many because of its highly selective acceptance. It has four campuses across Osaka, which is important to note since courses offered in English are spread throughout these campuses. Read more about the programs in Osaka university through this Schoolynk article that puts it in the spotlight, and explore the four campuses in this article. 

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Kansai University 

Kansai University Sakai Campus

Kansai University offers a wide selection of options to choose from as your study program. Ranging from getting a four-year degree to a summer program in Japan. According to their website, “These include attending the university to seek an academic degree, as a foreign research student, on an exchange program with partner universities, and to participate in the Japanese Language and Culture Program Preparatory Course (Bekka) for the purpose of preparing to study at an undergraduate or graduate school in Japan. We also offer courses to study about Japanese language and culture, in addition to our Summer School program for students to study courses in their faculty in the English language in a short period of time.”

With so many options to choose from as an international student, it is important to note what makes this university the fitting choice for your academic prospects. Kansai University currently has 13 departments and 13 research divisions. With over 30,000 in the student population, they are also opening their doors to more international students.

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Kindai University

Ever since it’s founding in 1925, Kindai University rose to the top 4% of the World University Ranking 2020, is home to over 32,000 students–making it the third-largest student population in Japan, and has grown to over 14 faculties offering 48 programs across six campuses. For international students, they offer a one-year exchange program commencing in the spring semester and in the fall semester. For a brief guideline, read through Kindai University’s International Exchange guidebook here.

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Kansai Gaidai University

Nestled in between three culture powerhouses Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara, Kansai Gaidai University boasts is premiere location as a starting point for an immersive learning experience alongside their Asian studies program.
It is formally affiliated with 393 institutions of higher learning covering 55 countries and regions around the world. Alongside this program are many other university-sponsored student programs that encourage interaction and c0-learning between local students and international students. They have the Experience Japan Program, Home Visit Program, and extracurricular activities that many are encouraged to participate in.

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Osaka International University

A private university established in 1929, Osaka International University has international exchange agreements with 105 schools in 25 countries/regions. For international students coming in to study, they offer exchange programs, short- and long-term study abroad programs, and Japanese language programs. Currently, it has three faculties: the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, the Faculty of International Liberal Arts, and the Faculty of Human Sciences. They also offer one graduate studies program, and the School of Japanese Studies for Foreign Students.

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Osaka University of Tourism

Japan’s only tourism university can be found in no other place but Osaka. With over 90 years of providing education in hospitality, they are now working towards a new approach to education, putting emphasis on interdisciplinary and practical learning. This university has the School of Japanese Studies for Foreign Students which aims to educate international students who are planning to continue their studies in universities or graduate schools in Japan.

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Osaka Gakuin University

Osaka Gakuin University campus aerial view

Also known as Osaka Graduate University, this is a private liberal arts university with a focus on law, economics, and international studies. Moderate in campus size and student population, the university is formally affiliated with 63 universities in 24 countries and regions. Part of its short term programs for international students are the summer and winter school programs and the Japanese language and culture programs.

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Ending note

Still scratching your head for more reasons on why to study in the Kansai region?

Osaka’s warm and buzzing flair for food, fun, and fairs is addicting in its own sense. Much like browsing through the menu of a restaurant in Osaka, the programs that universities offer are just as diverse and tantalizing to many students. We suggest carefully selecting the program that suits your taste, whether it be short-term or long-term. A plethora of opportunities and an exciting journey in Osaka, Japan are awaiting you to explore!