For those who were wondering “when can I apply to Japanese Universities as an International Student?”, this article is for you! To some people’s surprise, many Japanese universities offer spring and fall admission intakes! Well, what does this exactly mean? Read on to find out more!

When Does the Academic Year Start?

Unlike many other countries, the Japanese school year starts in April! Thus, students usually begin their university life in spring. In other nations, it is more common for the academic school year to start in early September including in the United States and the United Kingdom.

So, many Japanese Universities offer English-taught programs for fall admissions while some offer both spring AND fall admissions! In essence, international students have two options of when to start their University life in Japan!

When Is Spring Admissions?

When you hear the term “Spring Admissions” or “Spring Entry”, it is describing the academic calendar year starting in April! As normal Japanese universities begin in April, spring is one of the busiest and most lively times of the year for university students, not to mention that spring is also a beautiful time of the year in Japan!

Many Japanese universities offer English-taught programs for international students starting in April! Take Waseda University for example, their School of International Liberal Studies (SILS) and Global Studies in Japanese Cultures Program (JCulP) offer April and September Admissions!

Then, When Is Fall Admissions?

When you hear the term “Fall Admissions” or “Fall Entry”, it is describing the academic calendar year starting in September! Some Japanese universities may offer admission only in September, or both in April and September!

In addition to the abovementioned April entry programs at Waseda University, English-taught programs that start in September include the School of Political Science and Economics (SPSE), School of Social Sciences (TAISI Program), School of Fundamental Science and Engineering (FSE), and the School of Creative Science and Engineering (CSE)!

So, What are You Waiting For!

To answer your question, many Japanese Universities offer spring (April) and fall (September) admission intakes for international students! So, keep this in mind when exploring your university program options in Japan!

For more information on how you can browse for Japanese Universities with undergraduate and graduate English-taught programs and whether they have specific spring or fall admissions, refer to our article How to Find Japanese Universities with Degree Programs Offered in English!