Tokyo International University is a private university comprising five undergraduate schools and four graduate schools. Its main campuses are located in Kawagoe, a city in Saitama Prefecture, and only approximately 40 minutes from the center of Tokyo, one of the most dynamic and exciting cities in the word.

The university has two main campuses – Campus 1 and Campus 2. Campus 1 is conveniently located a five-minute walk from the nearest train station – Kasumigaseki Station. Campus 1 is home to many student communal spaces, such as the university library, cafeterias, the gymnasium, and the auditorium, among other buildings. It is also the center of student academics, with numerous lecture and research buildings.

Campus 2 is similarly conveniently located a ten-minute walk from Campus 1. Campus 2 is focused more on student living, and houses the student dormitories, a library, a training gym, and other facilities to encourage a holistic student life. A third campus is the Sakado Campus, which is home to Tokyo International University’s varsity sports teams, where athletes can train.

Tokyo International University Campus 2.
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Tokyo International University further facilities a fuller student life, especially for international students, through two centers – the English Plaza and the Japanese Plaza. The English Plaza is a multipurpose English learning area that offers language assistance to students. In the plaza, students can book appointments with academic advisors and also obtain help with English writing and learning. Both the English Plaza and the Japanese Plaza were designed to encourage cross-cultural exchanges amongst international students, and between Japanese students, teachers, and international students. The Japanese Plaza additionally also hosts campus cultural events to better introduce international students to life in Japan.

Other opportunities to experience different cultures, in addition to Japanese, on campus are also available at Tokyo International University. The university hosts various yearly events, with one of the most popular being the annual International Fair, in which students organize food and culture booths to raise awareness and share about different cultures.

In addition, international students are further supported through Tokyo International University’s on-campus dormitory considerations. For example, international students studying in Japan for the first time are prioritized when dormitory arrangements are made. Furthermore, Tokyo International University places dormitory managers and residential assistants on-site at the dormitories to assist international students during their first times in Japan.

Other assistance for international students on campus can be found in Tokyo International University’s International Exchange Office. Here, international students can reach out to the office staff, whom are English-speaking, to assist with student living.

As part of Tokyo International University’s efforts to globalize, the university has plans to establish a new campus right in the heart of Tokyo – in the Ikebukuro Metropolitan Area. Set to open in the September of 2023, the new campus – the Urban International Campus will focus on the English Track Program, and other educational globalization activities. The university also plans to build up a very strong and diverse study body to enhance the learning environment of the campus.

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