Located in Mita, Tokyo with five other campuses in the greater Tokyo region, Keio University was founded in 1858 by Fukuzawa Yukichi and is considered to be the oldest institution of higher learning in Japan. Keio currently has students from over 80 countries in its student body.

University Ranking

On top of being one of the most Japanese popular universities, Keio University is ranked as the 10th best university on national ranking and 1st among Japanese private universities. Keio has an abundance of successful alumni and programs that have been proven to create intellectuals, providing great academic opportunities to students from all over the world.

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Keio University has 5 campuses that spread across the greater Tokyo area. Each campus is home to a unique culture and facilities, providing each department with an original niche.


gothic architecture of Keio University's library at Mita campus

Established in 1871, the Mita Campus is the oldest of the five campuses. Located in Mita, Tokyo, this campus is home to students of six undergraduate and graduate faculties. The architecture of the buildings at Mita campus are diverse – a gothic entrance gate and library reflect the long history of the university while modern buildings highlight Keio’s contemporary and advanced approach to academics.

The other campuses in Tokyo are the Shinanomachi and Shiba-Kyoritsu campuses. Keio’s pharmaceutical studies are concentrated at Shiba-Kyoritsu Campus, located in the center of Tokyo surrounded by the metropolitan area as well as historical parks. The intersection of past, present, and future that drives Keio’s academics is exemplified at Shiba-Kyoritsu campus. Shinanomachi campus is where Keio’s medical studies are conducted and are home to the Keio University Hospital. Medical students have the opportunity to interact with patients and train in a professional setting at this campus.


Beautiful greenery at Keio University's Hiyoshi campus

Hiyoshi campus is located in Hiyoshi, Kanagawa. Students from seven undergraduate and graduate faculties attend school here. Hiyoshi campus is well known for its picturesque gingko-tree lined entryway, which is especially beautiful in the fall. A short walk away from Hiyoshi campus is Yagami campus, which houses the department of Science and Technology. Here, students conduct research with the campus facilities’ cutting edge STEM equipment.  

Further south in Kanagawa prefecture is Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC); home to three undergraduate faculties and two graduate schools. SFC is far removed from the urban sprawl of Tokyo and is surrounded by nature. The campus has a calm atmosphere with its lush grasses and small pond.

Student Housing

The new Hiyoshi International Student dormitory is a comfortable living space for students.

All Keio dormitories are located outside of the campuses. Only one dorm is located in Tokyo – Omori Student Dormitory. Both Japanese and international students live here, as well as in Shimoda Student Village, Tsunashima Student Dormitory, Tsunashima SST International Dormitory, Motosumiyoshi Residence, Motosumiyoshi International Dormitory and Hiyoshi International Dormitory, which are all located in Kanagawa. Keio also has two dormitories that are available for only international students – Plume IS and Okurayama Dormitory – both in Kanagawa.

Degrees Offered in English

International students can earn undergraduate and graduate degrees at Keio University


Although Keio is most renowned for its economics programs, the university offers an expansive range of excellent degree programs in English. The academic school year begins in either April or September. Two undergraduate degree programs – GIGA (Global Information and Governance Academics) and PEARL (Programme in Economics for Alliances, Research, and Leadership) – are available in the faculty of Economics and the faculty of Policy Management/Environment and Information Studies respectively.

The GIGA program was established in 2011 and aims to equip students with the ability to identify and design solutions to problems that arise in the rapidly progressing society of our world today. Students have an integrated learning experience taking classes in technology, science, design, and governance.

PEARL was established in 2016. The program provides students with an education in liberal arts and economics that will prepare them to become future global leaders. Undergraduate PEARL students can apply for five-year double degree programs that earn them a bachelor’s degree in economics from Keio along with a degree from HEC Paris (masters), Sciences Po of France (bachelors), or Università Commericale Luigi Bocconi of Italy (bachelors).

Graduation Ceremony at Keio University
Graduation Ceremony at Keio University


Along with its undergraduate programs, Keio offers 26 double master’s degree programs and one double Ph.D program in nine graduate faculties (Business and Commerce, Letters, Economics, Human Relations, Science and Technology, Business and Administration, Media and Governance, Media Design, and Law). These programs partner with universities around the world and award graduates with two degrees from each university. The double degree programs are a fantastic opportunity for students to earn a graduate education while exploring not just one, but two countries and their cultures.

In addition to its impressive double degree programs, the university also has 12 masters programs and seven Ph.D. programs available in eight faculties –Business and Commerce (masters), Law (masters), Medicine (doctorate), Health Management (doctorate), Science and Technology (both), System Design and Management (both), Media and Governance (both), Media Design (both).

Japanese Language Programs

Keio University offers an immersive Japanese Language Program (JLP) separate from their degree programs. Students who have graduated senior high school or above are eligible to apply for the fall or spring. Around 180 students are accepted each year.

Japanese text book used in Japanese language class at keio University
Japanese Textbook ‘Minna no Nihongo’

The JLP is available in nine levels, making Japanese learning accessible to students of varying levels of proficiency. With an average class size of 20, students are guaranteed an intimate learning setting to get acquainted with their teachers and peers. Students are required to take at least seven 90-minute classes (held once a week) in Japanese language and/or Japanese society and culture. Students are required to attend at least two thirds of their class sessions in order to qualify to take final examinations, which are held at the end of each semester (15 weeks). This translates to a minimum of 7 class hours a week and a maximum of 10.5 hours. Of course, students are permitted to take more credits if they wish.

International students in Japanese class at university

In every level, Keio offers eight subjects in Japanese language (Comprehensive Japanese, Grammar, Composition, Orthography, Modern Text Reading, Newspaper Reading, Conversation, Presentation, Aural Comprehension, and Situational Conversation) and two subjects in Japanese Studies on Society and Culture (Social Studies and Cultural Studies). Although Japanese language classes include instruction in English depending on proficiency level, classes in society and culture are only taught in Japanese. Students are also permitted to take a limited amount of optional courses conducted in English that count for no credit, as well as classes offered in regular undergraduate or graduate programs that can count for credit.


Scholarship application

Keio University offers 15 scholarships for international students as of 2019. Requirements vary depending on the scholarship, but further information are only available to students enrolled in Keio. However, there are information available on SchooLynk for those looking for scholarships in Japan!

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Keio University is a great option for those wanting a quality higher eduction education in Japan.


Keio University is a great option for those interested in attending school in Japan. With exceptional all-English degree programs as well as a Japanese language program, students can ensure that they will earn a world-class education that supports and sustains their future endeavors anywhere in the world.


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