Keio University is the oldest modern institution for higher learning in Japan. It was established in 1858 with the aim of fostering an international environment and providing them with advanced education. This prestigious institution is famous for being the alma mater of many Japanese business elites. According to the Center for World University Ranking (CWUR, 2014), Keio University was placed 34th in the world and 5th in Asia-Pacific.

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Keio aims to foster a new generation of global-minded leaders who can address the problems of modern society. With this vision in mind, Keio University has over 1,000 classes taught entirely in English. Not only will this make Keio accessible and appealing to international students, but this also allows Japanese students to expose themselves to an international environment.

Undergraduate Degree Programs 

Faculty of Economics 

The Faculty of Economics at Keio University is one of the leading departments in Japan. Having the largest number of professors who are renowned in the academe and a brilliant student body, Keio can surely provide you with quality education.

One of the well-known English programs is the 4-year program PEARL (Programme in Economics for Alliances, Research and Leadership). Check here for further details.

Faculty of Policy Management / Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

GIGA (Global Information and Governance Academic) Program was launched through Keio’s Global 30 initiatives. GIGA is an international undergraduate course that has a curriculum that focuses on information and communication technology, policy management, and governance.

Graduate Degree Programs

Prospective students who want to take graduate studies at Keio have to apply directly to their preferred graduate school at Keio University. First, the applicants must fulfill the requirements, which vary based on the program. Once admitted, they will spend between two to four years and will be awarded a certificate of completion afterward.

  • Graduate School of Economics
    The Graduate School of Economics at Keio University is one of the leading economics departments in Japan. Click here to find the list of courses taught in English for economics majors during this academic year.
  • Graduate School of Medicine
    Students will spend four years studying and then get a Ph.D. in Medicine (Specialties: Medical Sciences and Applied Medicine)
    For inquiries, please contact:
    Office of Student Services, Keio University School of Medicine

International Advanced Degrees Course: Each student applying to the International Advanced Degree Course must choose one of the following four programs before submitting their application.

  1. Human Security and Communications (HC)
  2. Environmental Design and Governance(EG)
  3. Cyber Informatics (CI)
  4. Systems Biology (BI)
  5. Global Environmental System Leaders Course (GESL)

Thanks to the close cooperation between the KEIO Graduate School of Media and Governance, the KEIO Graduate School of Science and Technology, and other international research institutions, this program is targeted to educate talented students to become knowledgeable leaders in the creation of global environmental systems. You, the future graduates of Keio’s GESL course, with awareness and skills, are always expected to do incredible things for the improvement of our Mother Earth!

Keio University only has Doctoral Program that is taught in English.
Please note that the Master’s Program is conducted in Japanese only.

We have three main courses and each of the following courses will have its sub-courses:
+ Course for Nursing
+ Course for Healthcare Management
+ Course for Sports Management

This was launched through Keio’s Global 30 activities.

– Master’s courses consist of core subjects (basic classes on systems engineering), design projects (team working to create innovative solutions while mastering the basics of design thinking), SDM research (experience in practical research), and major subjects (extensions of Keio SDM studies in individual areas of expertise). 

– Doctoral courses focus mainly on research, but students are strongly recommended to complete the subjects required for the master’s course.

For further details, please click here.

For this year’s application procedure, please refer to the following resources:
+ Master’s Program: KMD Application Guidebook for Master’s Program for Application Period-I Academic Year 2022
+ Doctoral Program: Application Guidebook for Doctoral Program for Application Period-I Academic Year 2022
+ Global Innovation Design Program (3 year- program)

This program is unique in terms of a combination between courses held at Keio University and a practicum organized by The National Tax Agency.

You can refer to this site Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program in Taxation Policy and Management for further details.
Applicants applying for this program may have a chance of receiving a scholarship from the Joint Japan/ World Bank Scholarship (among the most prestigious organizations that usually offer scholarships to international students).

Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Global Legal Practice is a one-year course, which is taught entirely only in English. This professional graduate master’s degree course targets Japanese lawyers and graduates of law schools who aspire to acquire specialized knowledge via an English program and foreign students who are passionate about Japanese and Asian law.

Other English-based courses

  • Global Interdisciplinary Courses (GIC)
    The program is open to all undergraduate students and contains Core Courses (fundamental subjects) and Research Courses (specialized subjects). Students will be awarded a certificate of completion after obtaining more than 40 credits in total from the Core and Research courses.


As can be seen, there’s a wide range of majors and English programs at Keio University for you to choose from. You can also apply for scholarships for each of the aforementioned courses by checking further details here:

Keio is eagerly awaiting your soon decision to apply to this prestigious university!