The Tokyo Institute of Technology is a distinguished institution praised for its outstanding practical science and engineering programs. With its heavy emphasis on research and technology, one wouldn’t expect Tokyo Tech to be a central hub for learning English. However, this promising university makes for the perfect environment to polish one’s English skills.

About The Tokyo Institute of Technology

Although the Tokyo Institute of Technology doesn’t have a set department fully dedicated to English language learning, it offers a variety of full degree programs in English at all grade levels. For instance, prospective undergraduate students can apply for the Global Scientists and Engineers Program (GSEP), which is a four-year degree program for international students that are taught entirely in English. A number of graduate and doctoral courses are conducted in English as well. Some of these classes are taught at the Tokyo Tech-RIKEN International School and are offered at the Tokyo Tech-Tsinghua University Joint Graduate Program.

Due to the growing number of international exchange students enrolling at Tokyo Tech, accommodations have been made for these members of the student population. Diverse programs taught primarily in English have been fully implemented as a result. Students from partner universities who are participating in an exchange program can take English-only classes with full-time students through opportunities like the Young Scientist Exchange Program (YSEP) and the Summer Exchange Research Program (SERP).

Through the constant interaction between international exchange students and full-time students, the chances of practicing English are raised. Having opportunities to engage in casual discussions in a friendly and encouraging environment can help build a sense of comfort and confidence, paving the way for English learners to feel able to share their thoughts and ideas effectively. Not to mention, when forming friendships with one’s peers over time, interest in the English language is bound to grow, as students are more likely to enjoy discussing subjects and topics that make learning English a fun task.

People Talking

Outside The Classroom

Students organizations are always a great way to fully develop one’s skills, especially one’s language abilities, in a friendly atmosphere where new companions are there to cheer you on. The Tokyo Institute of Technology has a convenient circle called the English Speaking Society (ESS) that is devoted to, as one would guess, speaking English. All those who want to converse in English with other members of the club are welcome, whether one is a native speaker or a complete beginner. The goal of ESS is to allow members to gain practical English skills through weekly debates and discussions.

School festivals are an unlikely but highly beneficial way to learn English at Tokyo Tech as well. The university holds two festivals annually. The one held on the Ookayama campus is called the “Tokyo Tech Festival,” and the one which takes place on the Suzukakedai campus is called the “Suzukake Festival.” Because students themselves are in charge of running the festivals, from the activities to performances, to the attractions, it’s highly likely that international students who speak English will be volunteering for the events, allowing for opportunities to communicate in English. Students themselves can also play an active role in the planning and execution of the festivals in order to informally practice speaking English with peers.

Tokyo Tech also has part-time job listings for its students, including international students. The school has a job-hunting system called the Arbeit (Part-time Job) Information Network for Students in English. This useful database can help students find jobs that aren’t strictly on campus and can be English-friendly, paving the way for students to converse in English beyond the academic environment and more real-life scenarios.



Learning English at the Tokyo Institute of Technology isn’t impossible, as there are many creative ways to master the language both during school and after classes. From extracurricular activities to part-time jobs, Tokyo Tech is very helpful in providing opportunities to ensure language skills are enhanced.