Japan offers a lot of private scholarships for international students in order to encourage the internationalization of their educational institutions. The Japan Educational and Exchange Services (JEES) was established as a public benefit corporation by donation from six private enterprises in 1954. In response to the subsidy from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the Japan Educational and Exchange Services (JEES) has implemented centralized activities such as welfare and aid projects for international students since April 2004. JEES aims to extend the development of education and academic scholarship in Japan and to contribute to international understanding by providing assistance to Japanese and international students. Japan Educational and Exchange Services (JEES) offers a ton of scholarships which are funded by various other private companies,  and MHI Global Scholarship is also one. Without further ado, let’s take a look into the MHI Global Scholarship.


What is MHI Global Scholarship?

MHI Global Scholarship is a private scholarship, offered by Japan Educational and Exchange Services (JEES) and sponsored by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI). This scholarship is provided only to privately financed Undergraduate (third and fourth year), Master’s program, Doctoral program students. Every year, four students are selected for the scholarship. The scholarship lasts for a period of two years or until completion of current course, whichever is earlier.

The scholarship amounts to 80,000 JPY per month and a lump sum payment of 400,000 JPY (200,000 JPY x 2).

The application duration for this scholarship spans from December to February.


The following criteria should be met when applying for this scholarship:

  1. Privately financed international students studying as Undergraduate (third and fourth year), Master’s program or Doctoral program.
  2. International students from Asian countries. Students from Korea are given priority.
  3. Students majoring in science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or electronics engineering are eligible to apply.
  4. Students who possess the motivation to learn and to contribute to the development of technology as an engineer and strengthen the relations between Japan and their home country in the future.
  5. Students who have concrete objectives for their studies in Japan and are expected to accomplish their goal.
  6. Students who will not receive scholarships from other foundations since the month of April of the year of application.
  7. Students who can communicate in Japanese.

Application requirements

  1. Filled up application form along with a photograph.
  2. Undergraduate applicants are required to submit the most recent transcripts. Graduate students are to submit the latest transcript along with the ones from the previous course).
  3. Financial record for the previous year.
  4. Private Expenses Survey Form for international students (designated form from respective university websites).
  5. Household economic status declaration (designated form from respective university websites).
  6. Evaluation by academic advisor (designated paper from respective university websites).
  7. Letter of recommendation (designated form from respective university websites).

Terms and Conditions

The recipient of this scholarship cannot combine any other scholarship with this scholarship.

There will be an interview after the preliminary screening is conducted for final selection of the recipients. The interview is conducted in Japanese. So, it is very important for the applicant to be well-versed in Japanese in order to bag the scholarship.

How to apply

The application is through the department/faculty of the applicant’s university. For application submission, students should contact their respective universities. Please note that the application documents may slightly vary for different universities.