Once known as the ‘library of the realms’, Kanazawa has long been considered one of Japan’s foremost academic cities. Steeped in Japanese culture, a sense of respect for its historical heritage and a desire to preserve its ‘Edo-era charm’ has become an inherent characteristic of the city. With a multitude of historical sights, an abundance of festivals and performing arts shows, as well as a continually flourishing traditional arts scene, classical Japanese culture ‘is still blooming in Kanazawa’. Kanazawa University (Kindai) has embraced the city’s spirit of culture and academia, producing ‘state of the art research’ and encouraging an atmosphere of intellectualism. In this environment, the School of International Education was set up in order to provide opportunities for international students to learn about Japanese language and culture alongside their academic studies. Although there is no entirely English-taught degree program at Kindai, the university does offer several other options for students wishing to study in Japan in English.

Kanazawa University campus

Kanazawa University Exchange Program (KUSEP)

This one year program aims to develop a deeper understanding of Japan, and instill an education in students who will go on to play an active role in international society. The course is focused on providing classes in English on Japanese language, Japanese affairs and culture, and classes related to the student’s major. The program curriculum is split between the compulsory 20 credits of Japanese courses and 10 credits of elective courses. Some of the optional units include: Japanese History, British Regional Studies, Major Global Issues and Challenges, Japanese Folk Culture and many more. After their year studying such an extensive syllabus, the university hopes to inspire students during their time in KUSEP to undertake further study on Japan and become involved with major-related research at Kindai.

Kanazawa University Short-Term Exchange Program (KUEST)

Taking place over one year, this program is designed for students to learn about Japanese language, culture and society whilst carrying out their chosen research projects in the fields of science and engineering. Alongside a Japanese language course, students will take part in a research seminar with their academic advisor and earn extra credits by taking elective courses such as: Global Environment and its Dynamics, Introduction to Modern Japanese Culture and Society, Japanese Law News Project and many others. The integrated, cross-field nature of this course results in highly skilled, specialized students, with an in depth inter-cultural understanding and proficient Japanese language ability.


Semester Program

The shortest of all the English study courses at Kindai, the semester program can last one or two quarters, functioning as a short-term educational program with credit transfer for their home university. As well as their Japanese language course, students will also be enrolled on Studies of Japanese Culture and Society, as well as additional classes available across various subjects (students are not restricted to their major field of study at their home institution).

Kanazawa University Human and Social Science Short-Term Exchange Program

Designed for students who wish to concentrate on a specialized field, this short-term exchange program is an option for those majoring in human and social sciences at their home institution. The schools of Humanities, Law, Economics, Teacher Education, Regional Development Studies, and International studies, all offer classes taught in English, allowing students to continue their undergraduate level research at Kindai whilst they experience life in Japan.

Kanazawa University campus

Application Requirements and Fees

Applicants must be full-time undergraduate students who have already completed their second year, or graduate students already enrolled on their master’s courses at an institution affiliated with the university. As classes are conducted in English, students should also be proficient enough to understand all of their lectures. Unless the student’s home institution is amongst those that have agreed a mutual tuition fee waiver, the cost is calculated at 14,800 JPY per credit. International students who fulfil the requirements are also eligible for the Japan Student Services Association (JASSO) scholarship, where they will receive a monthly stipend of 80,000 JPY.

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