International Christian University, commonly known as ICU is located on a campus of roughly 620,000 square meters in Mitaka City, Tokyo.

Covered in rich natural surroundings, you’re constantly reminded of the time of year. The best thing about ICU’s large campus being the friendly nature, students are always seen laying down, having a picnic or reading a book on the lawn area – at the heart of ICU. The refreshing breeze and sunlight creates nothing but a positive vibe for a student life in the busy city of Tokyo. Painted leaves of red, yellow and orange bring us warmth just before facing the frosty winter, only for the spectacular cherry blossoms to flourish and cover the entire entrance pathway come spring, also highly admired by the locals.

Inline images 1Photo by Hannah Wiltshier 

Buildings and Facilities

All the building facilities are located on campus, including the main University Hall ‘Hon-kan’ building where most of the classes are held. The Library being the center of the university’s academic information services, many students are seen here studying individually as well as preparing for presentations and carrying out group-work tasks.

Science Halls, Integrated Learning Center (ILC) are also filled with students everyday behind the University Hall Building alongside the teacher’s offices where students have academic meet-ups as well as causal visits to their professors discussing research and thesis topics. The University Chapel, has one of the largest organ instrument in Japan. The Chapel is where important events such as Matriculation and Graduation are held, in addition to daily use for chapel hours and organ practices and concerts, not to mention the grand Christmas Chapel Service.

The recently renewed Sports Club House has allowed students to access brand new facilities including a renewed swimming pool, several brand new gym halls and roofed tennis courts for all weather conditions. The Sports facility also includes an astroturf for field sports and a Baseball field. Weight lifting gyms are also popular for all students to utilize in their free time.

Composed of six buildings, “Taizanso”(泰山荘)includes the ‘One-Mat Room’ created by Takeshiro Matsuura. “Taizanso” was designated as a Tangible Cultural Property in 1999 due to its long history from before the war to its present state.


Student Dormitories

There are ten student dormitories on campus. The much older, “Kyu-Ryo” (旧寮)Third Woman’s Dormitory, Fourth Woman’s Dormitory, Canada House and Global House has more of a strong sense of traditional dorm culture. There are also the new dorms(新寮) Zelkova, Gingko and Oak house built in 2011 and the most newly built in 2017 Spring – Maple and Momi dorms – constituting a first floor social space including a tatami room and a wood deck as well as six conference rooms for student organizations and other purposes.

The Dining Hall is in the center of all ten dormitories, with Dialogues House attached aside. The modern designed glass walls take in all the light, making it a comfortable place for students to eat, talk and socialize.


Access to City and Nearby

Closest station being Musashi-Sakai, is a 15-20 min bike ride. There is also a handy public transport as the bus starts inside the ICU campus for Musashi-Sakai station and Mitaka Station.

Heading to the city, Shinjyuku is around 20 minutes from the local station, Musashi-sakai. Kichijyoji – just two stops away is the closest, go to student hang out spot for ICU students with Inokashira Park, shopping streets and more.

A Bicycle will become very handy for traveling in and out of campus to the local ramen and food restaurants, 24-hour convenience stores, to the station as well as cycling on campus.