Campus Life

Rikkyo University, also known as St Paul’s University, is part of the “BIG SIX” Universities in Tokyo and is also the largest Anglican Christian affiliated University in Japan. Rikkyo University is a private university that consists of two campuses. The Ikebukuro campus being the main campus, which is located dead center of the dynamic Tokyo life. The Niiza campus houses the Colleges and Graduate Schools of Tourism, Community and Human Services, and Contemporary Psychology departments. The buildings are located in the Saitama prefecture, which has more of a quiet and free atmosphere. In addition to the beautiful campuses, the Fujimi Sports Ground is a stunning athletic facility that offers a football field, rugby field, soccer field, baseball field, tennis courts, archery range, and more.

Rikkyo University was founded in 1874 and originally taught English and Bible studies with only a small number of students. Unlike the typical Japanese classroom, classes were based on Christian Values. This deep rooted history has created the leading liberal arts university that Rikkyo is now. Rikkyo University’s student body currently consists of 20,481 students. International students compose about 23% of the total number of students. The number of International students is expected to increase in 2019. This diverse student population will allow students to be exposed to  a multitude of cultures and languages.


The Rikkyo International Residence (RIR) Shiinamachi dorm that is used by Rikkyo University Students

Student Dormitories

Moving to Japan and finding housing may be a hassle. Fortunately, Rikkyo offers dormitories for students. The locations of the dorms are accessible for commuting to school and provide a variety of rooms and facilities. Dorms include a meal plan, as well as being well-equipped with a refrigerators, air-conditioners, and laundry rooms. There are international dormitories that house both Japanese students and international exchange students. Living in the dorm is a great opportunity to make new friends and hopefully learn more about Japanese school life.  Rikkyo also offers assistance in finding housing. Rikkyo has a partnership with real-estate agencies to help students find affordable housing and reassure students living alone for the first time.

The Rikkyo library where students can meet with group members and study


The library on the Ikebukuro campus is one of the largest university libraries in Japan. They offer over 1,500 seats for those studying or visiting. You can meet up with friends for group presentations, study for tests, or read your favorite books. There are study rooms that you can borrow, as well break rooms to kick back and relax.

The Niiza Library provides many books with a focus in the Colleges and Graduate Schools of Tourism, Community and Human Services, and Contemporary Psychology departments. The University Library  is also open to residents in the Niiza area and doubles as a depository library for the United Nations agency of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).


The Rikkyo Chapel that holds daily worships for students, as well as Christmas services

Buildings and Facilities

Rikkyo provides various facilities to meet the needs of every student. There is an Exhibition Hall that showcases the history and various activities of the University. Rikkyo All Saints’ Chapel offers daily worships services and ceremonial services. There are dining halls with exquisite building designs. A prayer room that was installed to accommodate Muslim students. For more information visit the Rikkyo University website. Rikkyo University’s YouTube also offers numerous videos of student interviews and depicts campus life.