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Sometimes, searching for the right information is the hardest part of researching a university in Tokyo, ESPECIALLY if the website is in Japanese! In this article, we have collected English-written articles about various topics regarding universities in Tokyo!

We will cover the following topics:

  • Top Universities in Tokyo
    • The University of Tokyo
    • Keio University
    • Waseda University
    • International Christian University
    • Sophia University
  • Costs and Expenses
  • Living in Tokyo
  • English-based Graduate Programs
  • Experiences

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Tokyo is full of prestigious universities! Below, we have collected the most highly regarded universities in Tokyo with English-based programs for international students.

The University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo could easily be regarded as the BEST university in Tokyo. For detailed information on its accomplishments and academic prestige, check out the articles on The University of Tokyo ranking page!

For students wishing to apply for the University of Tokyo, you can read more about how you can maximize your chances of getting accepted! Check out the article below!

Not sure where to begin? Perhaps browsing through The University of Tokyo page is the perfect option for you!

Keio University

Famous for its Department of Economics, Keio University is one of the best private universities in Tokyo! To see how international students can study at this university, check out the article by reading the following article!

To learn more about Keio’s beautiful campuses, you can check out the articles on the Mita Campus and the Fujiwara Campus. Even better, why not visit the campus in person! Get to know more about Keio’s summer programs by reading the article mentioned below!

After you have scanned through these articles, you can always learn more about Keio University through articles on the Keio University page.

Waseda University

Having a friendly (maybe) rivalry with Keio University, Waseda University is one of the best private universities in Tokyo. To see how the university is ranked in academic prestige, employability, and accomplishments, check out the page on Waseda University’s rankings!

For students preparing to apply for the Waseda University, you can check out its English-based degree programs and SAT and ACT scores. Knowing this information can help you write the perfect application form!

The best way, however, to learn about any university is to hear the voices of other international students! Here are some articles that were written from interviews of past and current Waseda students:

If none of these topics seem to fit your needs, you can visit the Waseda University page for more related articles!

International Christian University

Built upon the foundations of global cooperation, the International Christian University is a great option for international students wishing to attend a university in Tokyo. For a general summary of the university or a deeper look into its rankings, you can visit the following articles!

For prospective students worried about the financial aspects of attending the university, you can read the article on scholarships at the International Christian University to find financial options to support your dreams!

Once you have finished reading the above-mentioned articles, you can visit the International Christian University page to learn more about this awesome university!

Sophia University

Considered as the first university in Japan to offer an English-degree program, Sophia University has been very accommodating to international students. Read more about its English-based degree program to see how you can study at this university in Tokyo with no prior Japanese language skills!

If you are still deciding on whether or not to study at Sophia University, perhaps this article below will help you to understand the opportunities offered at this prestigious university!

To learn more about Sophia University, you can visit the Sophia University page with more related articles!


Let’s admit it. Studying at universities in Tokyo seems…expensive. In reality, it’s not as bad as you may initially think!

Perhaps this article on the costs and expenses to Study in Japan will give you a more concrete idea of what to expect in terms of financing your studies. Don’t worry! You can always turn to the list of scholarships offered by the Japanese government and universities!


While the academics are crucial, the experience of living in Japan is one of the highlights of studying at a university in Tokyo.

For instance, visiting traditional bath-houses may be a great way to ease the stress during your studies. Check out the article below to pick your favorite bath-house in Tokyo!

Perhaps the most intimidating aspect of living in Tokyo is the transportation system. While it may seem complicated, the transportation options are very convenient and easy to use! Find out more about how you can master the public transportation system in Tokyo by reading the articles below!

There are so many places to visit while studying at a university in Tokyo! Take a look at some historic locations near the universities in Tokyo to prepare yourself for an exciting expedition in Tokyo!

Tokyo Imperial Palace


Which universities in Tokyo offer the most prestigious graduate and post-graduate programs for each field of study? To find out the answer, check out the articles in the “Universities in Tokyo: Graduate and Post-Graduate Programs in English” series that reveal which universities in Tokyo offer the best programs for each subject!


Studying at universities in Tokyo may seem intimidating, especially for students who do not understand the Japanese language. In reality, there are so many English-based degree programs and support systems for foreign exchange students that make it easier to study in this bustling city than ever before!

Hopefully, you can use this article to navigate through the articles written about the various aspects of universities in Tokyo. For a general page of related articles, you can visit The Universities in Tokyo’s page on Schoolynk Media.