Many international students aspire to study at The University of Tokyo, often regarded as Japan’s most prestigious academic institute. Many business professionals, alike, also wish to pursue MBAs at the University of Tokyo to enhance their professional careers. However, does the University of Tokyo offer an MBA program? Short answer – No. Long answer- continue reading to find out.

The University of Tokyo currently has 10 Undergraduate Facilities and 15 Graduate Schools. Here is the list of all the graduate schools:

The University of Tokyo Graduate Schools: 

Akamon, the symbol of the University of Tokyo, unfortunately does not welcome MBA degrees
  1. Graduate School of Agriculture and Life Sciences 
  2. Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 
  3. Graduate School of Economics 
  4. Graduate School of Education 
  5. Graduate School of Engineering
  6. Graduate School of Frontier Sciences 
  7. Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology
  8. Graduate School of Information Science and Technology 
  9. Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Sciences 
  10. Graduate School of Law and Politics 
  11. Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences 
  12. Graduate School of Medicine 
  13. Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences 
  14. Graduate School of Public Policy 
  15. Graduate School of Science 

As you can see, the University of Tokyo does not have a dedicated Business School or Graduate School of Business. Therefore – to cut to the chase – students are unable to pursue an MBA degree at the University of Tokyo.

The closest degree to an MBA is the Master of Economics or Master of Management offered by the Graduate School of Economics. (The degree is also offered entirely in English – if you are interested, check out the second half of this article!) 

Japanese Universities that offer MBA

So what Universities in Japan offer an MBA program then? Below is a compiled list of our research into English MBA programs offered in Japan. 

1. Waseda University – International MBA Program

Waseda University offers one of Asia’s most renowned MBA program!

2. Kyoto University – International MBA Program

3. Nagoya University – MBA Global Leader Program

4. University of Tsukuba – MBA International Business Program

5. Hitotsubashi University – ICS MBA program

6. Temple University – Executive MBA Program

7. McGill University – MBA Japan program

Alternative program to the MBA at the University of Tokyo: UTIPE

UTIPE can be a great alternative to an MBA if you want to study at the University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo International Program in Economics (UTIPE) is an English-degree program offered by the Graduate School of Economics. There are two separate tracks: The Master’s Course and the Doctoral Course. Up to 15 students in the Master’s course and 5 students in the Doctoral Course are selected every year to specialize in subjects ranging from Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Econometrics, International Finance, and International Trade. 

The Master’s Course 

The UTIPE Master’s Course is a two-year degree program aimed to equip students with advanced specialization in Economics. Students are required to take a minimum of 30 credits and write a Master’s thesis to be awarded a Master of Economics. 

One standout feature of this program is that students can choose to enroll in both the spring (April) and fall (September). Furthermore, students with proficiency in Japanese are able to take economics classes conducted in Japanese and have it counted towards one’s degree. 

The Doctoral Course 

The UTIPE Doctoral Course is a three-year program offered to only 5 select candidates per year. In addition to the 20 credit requirement of the Master’s course, students enrolled in the Doctoral Course must write a Doctoral thesis that consists of more than three relevant papers that can be published in international academic journals. Furthermore, Doctoral students will have the opportunity to attend a wide range of workshops and conferences, meet pubic officers and private cooperation executives, and experience being a TA (Teaching Assitant) to help undergraduate students and enhance their own teaching abilities.

Admission information 

In order to apply for the UTIPE program, students must submit the following documents:

  1. Application Form
  2. Headshot Photo 
  3. Degree certificate (Bachelors or Masters) 
  4. Past Academic Transcripts 
  5. Two Recommendation Letters 
  6. TOEFL or ILETS score 
  7. GRE score 
  8. Personal Statement (500 words) 
  9. Medical Statement 
  10. Application Fee 

It should be noted that UTIPE does not conduct any interviews for admission purposes. Students will be screened solely on their submitted documents. 

Furthermore, UTIPE has a strict policy requiring GRE scores. GMAT will not be taken in place of GRE. 

Although it is not a requirement, UTIPE suggests that students should be well equipped in Mathematics. The required mathematics requirement is similar to that of a US Economics Program and students are advised to have taken at least Calculus and Linear Algebra classes before entering the program. 


Should you choose to study at UTIPE of UTokyo, or an MBA at another university? The choice is yours!

Students hoping to study for an MBA at the University of Tokyo will be disappointed to hear that the University does not provide such a degree in either Japanese or English. Instead, however, the University of Toyko provides the  International Program in Economics (UTIPE) where students can gain either a Master of Economics or Master of Management. 

Students and Business professionals hoping to study an MBA have plenty of other great options in Japan, including Waseda University’s International MBA Program, Kyoto University’s International MBA Program, or Nagoya University’s MBA Global Leader Program, among others.