University of Tokyo – PEAK and GSC Programs 

Yasuda Auditorium, the University of Tokyo. By Daderot at the English language Wikipedia, [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0],
The University of Tokyo offers two English-based undergraduate programs – 1. the Programs in English at Komaba (PEAK), and 2. the Global Science Course (GSC).

PEAK is a four-year undergraduate program with students choosing to specialize in the “International Program on Japan in East Asia” or the “International Program on Environmental Studies. GSC is a special transfer program offered under the Faculty of Science to undergraduates currently studying in other universities. Prospective students must have completed certain science courses in their first and second year of undergraduate studies at their current university before applying. English proficiency is required for both programs.


Kyoto University – undergraduate

Kyoto University Clock Tower. By Soraie8288 [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons
The English-based undergraduate program offered by Kyoto University is the Undergraduate International Course of Program Civil Engineering. This is a four-year program with students graduating with a Bachelor in Engineering from the Undergraduate School of Global Engineering. The program has three major components: liberal arts, specialized subjects in the field of civil engineering, and a thesis in the students’ final year. English proficiency is required and the minimum scores at the time of publication are 80 (TOEFL iBT), 55 (TOEFL PBT) or 6.0 (IELTS Academic), amongst other requirements.

Scholarships, such as the university civil engineering-related departmental scholarships, are available, but not guaranteed.


Osaka University – undergraduate

Toyonaka Campus, Osaka University. By Soraie8288 [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons
Osaka University offers two undergraduate English-based programs for international students – 1. the Human Sciences International Degree Program and 2. the Chemistry-Biology Combined Major Program. Both are four-year programs and are divided between General Education and Major subjects. English proficiency is required for both and the minimum required scores at the time of publication are 85 (TOEFL iBT) or 6.5 (IELTS) for the Human Sciences International Degree, and 80 (TOEFL iBT) or 6.0 (IELTS) for the Chemistry-Biology Combined Major Program, amongst others that are stated in the admissions requirements.

There are a number of scholarships available for international students before and/or after enrollment. Qualified students may also apply for tuition waivers, but neither scholarships nor tuition waivers are guaranteed.


Tokyo Institute of Technology – undergraduate  

The building of Museum and Centennial Hall, the Tokyo Institute of Technology. By Fumihiro Kato [CC BY 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons
Tokyo Institute of Technology’s main English-based program is the Global Scientist and Engineers Program (GSEP) – a program created for undergraduate international students intent on pursuing an English-based STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education in Japan. This program is conducted under the university’s Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering, and covers subjects from science and engineering fields.

English proficiency is required for this course, and the minimum required score (at the time of this publication) is 78 (TOEFL IBT) or 6.0 (IELTS). Interested applicants should check for other requirements on the admission webpage. Students from GSEP will graduate with a Bachelor of Engineering. Scholarships, such as the MEXT scholarship, are available but not guaranteed.


Kyushu University – undergraduate and graduate

Ito Campus, Kyushu University. By Jtpfbardon [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons 
Kyushu University offers a number of English-based undergraduate and graduate programs. At the undergraduate level, the university’s English-based programs are grouped under the International Undergraduate Program in English (IUPE). There are two faculties that offer degrees under this program – the Faculty of Engineering, where students graduate with a Bachelor in Engineering, and the Faculty of Agriculture, where students graduate with a Bachelor in Science. More details on the specialized courses students can take in each faculty can be found on the respective faculty’s webpage.

At the graduate level, Kyushu University has numerous graduate programs that offer International Graduate Programs. Interested students need to check the department-specific webpage for the respective admission requirements.

Scholarships at both undergraduate and graduate levels are offered by the university, as well as private organizations or international organizations, but are not guaranteed.


Meiji University – undergraduate and graduate

Izumi Campus, Meiji University. By Dick Thomas Johnson [CC BY 2.0], from Flickr.
Meiji University offers seven English-based degree programs – one at the undergraduate level and six at the graduate level. The undergraduate program is the School of Global Japanese Students (SGJS) English Track Program – a four-year program focusing on contemporary Japanese Studies. Students graduate with a Bachelor of Global Japanese Studies. While scholarships, such as the Meiji University Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students, are available, these are not guaranteed.

Graduate courses have their respective admission requirements and scholarship opportunities, so students should refer to the individual course webpages for more detailed information.


Sophia University – undergraduate

Sophia University by Keiichi Yasu [CC BY-SA 2.0] from Flickr.
Sophia University has one of the oldest English-based programs in Japan: english-based courses under the Faculty of Liberal Arts are most popular with undergraduate international students. However, Sophia has also recently started a Science and an Engineering Program under the Faculty of Science and Technology, so students interested in the sciences can pursue those courses. Under the FLA, students have broad credit requirements but have to pick a major to specialize in under one of the department divisions. A requirement of FLA is for all students to take classes in foreign languages, such as Japanese, if the student is a non-native Japanese speaker.

English proficiency is required for all programs, and more details can be found on the Sophia University Admissions page.

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