Tohoku University rankings are one of the best in Japan. But what is the university actually known for? What departments have the lowest acceptance rates? Which field of study does Tohoku University excel in? Continue reading to find out Tohoku University’s rankings for best faculties and fields of study!

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A. Based on the Japanese Ranking System: What is a Hensachi?
B. #1 in Tohoku University Departmental Rankings
C. #2 (Tied) in Tohoku University Departmental Rankings

Ready to find out about the Tohoku University Rankings for best subjects? Let’s go!

Based on the Japanese Ranking System: What is a Hensachi?

The hensachi score reflects how far a student taking the college entrance exam deviates from the mean score of all test takers. A hensachi score of 50 is at the mean. For every 10 points added (subtracted), the score moves one standard deviation higher (lower).

In the diagram above, the T score represents the hensachi. For instance, a hensachi of 70 represents the top 97.7th percentile of all students.

In Japan, high school and prep school teachers advise their students about which university entrance exams they should take by comparing the students’ hensachi score to that of their prospective universities. Perhaps hensachi scores can be considered the Japanese equivalents of American ACT and SAT scores. By comparing hensachi scores among Japanese universities, you can tell which universities rank higher than the others!

What’s more interesting about these hensachi scores is that departments within each university also have “average hensachi scores” that set them apart from other inter-institutional departments.

In this article, we will analyze the best subjects of Tohoku University rankings by uncovering each department’s hensachi score.

#1 in Tohoku University Rankings by Department

Tohoku University Hospital
Tohoku University Hospital

The medical department at Tohoku University ranks highest among all other departments at the hensachi score 67.5!

Unfortunately, there are no English-based undergraduate programs at Tohoku University’s Faculty of Medicine. However, foreign students are welcome to apply to the Japanese program!

On the other hand, the Tohoku University’s Faculty of Medicine offers two graduate programs for English-speaking students: the Network Medicine Course and the Basic Medicine Course.

#2 (Tied) in Tohoku University Rankings by Department

Tohoku University

The second highest hensachi at Tohoku University is 60, or one standard deviation above the mean score of all student examinees across Japan.

The departments that tied second in Tohoku University Departmental Rankings are…

The Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Science have English-based undergraduate degree programs!

The Advanced Molecular Chemistry Course is an all-English undergraduate program offered by the Faculty of Science. It consists of a fundamental chemistry curriculum with a specific emphasis on material science.

The International Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Undergraduate Course is an all-English undergraduate program offered by the Faculty of Engineering. It includes a wide range of subjects, ranging from fluid dynamics, thermal engineering, materials engineering, nanotechnologies, aerospace engineering, robotics, biomedical engineering, information science, quantum science, to environmental study!

Graduate-level programs for English-speaking students!

The International Graduate Program for Advanced Science (IGPAS)  is a five-year graduate program in English that combines a two-year master’s program and a three-year doctoral program. The students choose to specialize in one of the following fields of science: Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, Geophysics, Chemistry, or Earth Science.

The Cross-National Master’s Course (CNMC) and the Cross-National Doctoral Course (CNDC) are offered to English-speaking students through the collaboration of the Graduate School of Law at Tohoku University and the College of Law at National Taiwan University.

There are various English-based Graduate Degree Programs offered by the Faculty of Engineering, as well! The specific field ranges from Mechanical and Aerospace to Biomedical and Environmental Engineering.

The International Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences aims to develop required skills within international students to become leaders in the advancement of pharmaceutical sciences and related disciplines.

The Global Program in Economics and Management aims to equip both international and Japanese students with an ability to address economic problems and solutions, understand the problem in a global context, and collaborate with foreign partners.

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Do the Tohoku University Rankings for best subjects include your field of study?

While these rankings are important in understanding the prestige of Tohoku University in various fields, you should not be worried if your field of study is not included in the list. Like any other ranking system, the hensachi rankings are incomplete representations of the departments, since they only look at test scores of incoming students.

Perhaps checking out the departmental websites and reading the professors’ biographies and teaching styles are better ways to identify the true prestige of the Tohoku University!

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We hope this article on Tohoku University rankings for best subjects by hensachi was helpful! See you in the next article!