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Who We Are

Articles on Schoolynk Media are written by university students scattered across Japan. Here are some distinctive characteristics that define who we are:

  • Majority are international students who have experienced the same doubts and excitement of preparing to study abroad in Japan.
  • Most are enrolled in top Japanese universities, such as The University of Tokyo, Waseda University, and Sophia University!
  • Many are enrolled in the university’s English-based degree program that is geared towards international students.
  • Each has unique expertise, fields of interest, and experiences that can only be told by an international student in Japan!
  • ALL are enthusiastic about helping prospective international students feel comfortable, prepared, and informed about the epic adventure of studying abroad in Japan!

Perhaps these student authors’ individual biographies is a helpful tool in and of itself! You can find each author’s profile page by clicking on their names at the top of each article or scrolling to the bottom of the Schoolynk Media’s homepage for the Writers of the Month.

The Writers of the Month section can be found at the bottom of the homepage

Each profile page contains a brief self-introduction, a profile picture, and a complete list of all of the author’s past articles!

Example of a profile page

Perhaps you will find an author that attends your dream university, shares similar fields of interest, or just seem like a reliable and compatible buddy!

What We Do

So what do these student authors write about? What sets us apart from other websites on studying abroad in Japan?

As content writers for Schoolynk Media, our job is to answer your questions on studying abroad in Japan, sometimes before you even ask them! Based on our own experiences of preparing college applications, searching for scholarships, and checking for the best Japanese universities, we have compiled the scattered bits of information (quite often written in Japanese) into simple, compact, and English-friendly articles!

Our articles cover a wide range of topics on studying broad in Japan, including those on universities, careers, lifestyle, scholarships, and learning Japanese!

Our Contents

Our articles are based on five main categories: University, Career, Living in Japan, Scholarship, and Learning Japanese. These five keywords can be found in the overhead bar found at the top of every webpage!

Schoolynk Media’s main categories that are linked in the overhead bar of the website

By clicking on one of the categories listed above, you can view all of its related articles, as well as more specific sub-categories to narrow down your search.

Example: Scholarship page

Below, we will provide a table of contents with hyperlinks to each category and sub-category on Schoolynk Media! Click on a category to visit a page full of articles related to that topic!

Table of Contents:

Our Articles

Our articles are crafted by each of our unique student authors, making them super relatable and easy to understand!

After reading each article, be sure to check out the Most Viewed box for our top articles and the Related Posts box for more articles on the topic!

Where to begin?

With so many articles on our website, perhaps it is difficult to decide on where to begin. In this final section, we will introduce some of our top articles that provide an introductory description to some popular topics covered on Schoolynk Media.

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