Why Meiji University?

Established as the Meiji Law School in 1881 during one of Japan’s most dynamic periods, the university quickly gained its recognition of becoming a highly reputable institution today known as Meiji University. Seeing that Japan is no longer a mono-cultural nation, the nation is aging while the influx of foreign employees challenges Japan’s self-declared homogeneity, top Japanese universities are actively reforming their education curriculum. Annually, top universities in Japan are proposing innovative ideas to attract international students to come to Japan with the hope of diversifying their campus environment. Meiji University is no exception. Meiji University even did it more competently when it was selected for the Top Global University Project as a (type B) leading-global type university by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).


Meiji University is also one of 37 universities involved with Japan’s Global Universities program. This is a program which was established by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports Science and Technology (MEXT), aspiring to boost the reputation of Japan’s leading public and private universities.

With the mission of “fostering bright capable youths”, Meiji University so far has sent out 520,000 graduates and made a significant contribution to the progress of society in Japan. Its notable alumni speak for itself! Three former Japanese Prime Ministers were educated at Meiji University, including Takeo Miki, Tomiichi Murayama, and Zhou Enlai. Other famous graduates include lyricist Yu Aku, martial artist Masaaki Hatsumi and manga artist Hideki Arai.

Moreover, Meiji University also has a long-held reputation for world-class research facilities and impactful research output. Among various degrees offered at Meiji University, Meiji Law School is widely known as one of the top law schools in Japan. More impressively, humanities courses at Meiji University have repeatedly obtained the Study in Japan Award, a title given to the best private institution in the nation for international students to study.

English Programs at Meiji University

With a rapid expansion to a total of 10 undergraduate and 16 graduate schools in only a couple of years, Meiji University now offers 7-degree programs taught entirely in English. Over 540 English-based classes at Meiji University are evidence of a rapidly expanding international approach to its education curriculum. 

Without further ado, let’s see which English program is suitable for you!

Undergraduate Programs

 1. School of Global Japanese Studies (Bachelor’s Course)

At the undergraduate level, Meiji University currently offers the School of Global Japanese Studies. In this program, students are able to learn contemporary Japanese studies. No Japanese is required upon admission. All courses are taught in English but you can take Japanese language classes alongside the core curriculum. As your Japanese language ability improves, you can also take Japanese-based courses.

By undergoing this four-year program, one can expand his/her about Japanese culture and history. The program begins by taking foundational general courses called General Studies courses. In the following years, you can then choose from more advanced courses in Global Japanese Studies, which are divided into Culture and Arts, Business and Society, and Globalization. Besides the on-campus lectures, you can also apply to join student circles, field trips, and internships which will allow you to develop a lasting interpersonal network and a broader perspective on life and work in Japan.

Details on tuition fees for undergraduate school: https://www.meiji.ac.jp/cip/english/prospective/tuition.html

Details on admissions application guidelines:

Graduate Programs

 2. International Program in Architecture and Urban Design (I-AUD), Graduate School of Science and Technology (Master’s Course & Doctoral Course)

I-AUD was established in 2013 to enhance globally active professionals at Meiji University, Nakano campus. It is the first English program for architecture and urban design in Tokyo. After completing the course, you are expected to become skillful planners and designers who can act globally and professionally.

Program: 2 years (4 semesters)
Degree: Master of Engineering in Architecture, Master of Arts in Architecture

3. Mathematical Sciences Program, Graduate School of Advanced Mathematical Sciences (MIMS Ph.D. program) (Doctoral Course)

In this program, you will acquire skills to utilize modeling-related basic technology and mathematical analysis technology.

 4. Frontier Media Science Program, Graduate School of Advanced Mathematical Sciences (Doctoral Course)

In this course, you have chances to get immersed in numerous areas such as mathematical sciences, information systems, media information, human information processing, and human interface theory. After the course, you are expected to be familiar with computer systems that engage with human beings.

 5. Graduate School of Global Governance (Doctoral Course)

The school offers “Public Policy”, “International Development Policy”, and “Community Management” programs. By completing the doctoral program, you will have sufficient skills for conducting research on global environmental issues, poverty reduction, human rights, democratic states, community revitalization, and crisis management.

 6. Graduate School of Business Administration 

Note: This is ONLY for Double Master’s program students from UTM RAZAK School in Malaysia or Solbridge International School of Business in South Korea.

The Management Course is will instill a broad-based perspective so that you can develop the capacity to approach issues not only according to your expert knowledge in your chosen field but with an eye for business management as a whole.

 7. Graduate School of Governance Studies (Master’s Course [Professional Degree])

The Graduate School of Governance Studies is located on Meiji University’s Surugadai Campus

Number of students: 55
Degree: Master of Public Policy (Professional Graduate School Degree)
Duration: 2 years

Since this is a professional course, you will have opportunities to meet elected leaders and representatives, public officials, NPO and NGO workers, and corporate employees. Meiji University tries its best to allow you to gain insights and practical experience from having face-to-face communication with the public figures. You are expected to cultivate the skill of policy-making and acquiring global perspectives.


You want to immerse yourself in a global environment? Meiji University is absolutely a great fit for you! With 7 English programs for undergraduate and graduate levels, followed by numerous opportunities when participating in internships and field trips, you are guaranteed to receive a high-quality education in one of the most global universities in Japan!

For details on tuition fees of graduate schools, click here.

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