Waseda University is one of the top private universities in Japan. The university is particularly known for its strong sports program and top-of-the-state facilities. Today, we will look into the gymnasium at Waseda University: Where they are located, what facilities they have, and how you can sign up! 

Waseda University and Sports 

In addition to the University’s reputation as one of Japan’s most prestigious academic institutes, Waseda University has a very strong sports department, with notable graduates such as Norichika Aoki (Baseball – MLB and Japanese National Team), Ayumu Goromaru (Rugby – Japanese National Team), Ai Fukuhara (Table Tennis – Olympic silver medalist), and Daiya Seto (Swimming – Butterfly world record-holder). Yuzuru Hanyu, an 2014 and 2018 Olympic Gold Medalist Figure Skater, is also a current student of Waseda University – wow! 

Therefore, it is no surprise that the university invests heavily in its sports department. Waseda University has arguably one of the best sports facilities of all universities throughout Japan. 

At Waseda University, all students are able to use two gymnasiums – each designed for different purposes – for a cheap yearly membership fee! Continue reading this article to find out where these gyms are located, what facilities they have to offer, and how you can sign up! 

Where are they located? 

B2F Toyama Campus Student Center 

The first gymnasium, often referred to as the main gym, is located on the B2 Floor of Toyama Campus Student Center 

Building 30: Toyama Campus Student Center  – Highlighted in Yellow

Okuma Garden House Refresh Studio

The secondary gym is called the Refresh Studio of Waseda University. It is located inside the Okuma Garden House

Building 25: Okuma Garden House – Highlighted in Yellow

What facilities do they have? 

B2F Toyama Campus Student Center 

The Toyama Campus training center is a fully-equipped workout gymnasium with an array of cardio equipment, resistance machines, and free weights. 

Full-time trainers are available on-site, offering consultation and private lessons to both beginner and experienced lifters. 

Furthermore, clean, spacious, and modern locker rooms and washrooms are also available. Coin showers can be used for 100 yen (5 minutes of hot water). 

Note: In most gyms throughout Japan, wearing outdoor shoes inside is forbidden. Students must purchase indoor shoes to be used specificaly for the gym. This helps to ensure that the gym floor is clean and hygienic.

Okuma Garden House Refresh Studio

On the other hand, the Waseda Campus Okuma Garden House Refresh Center has a variety of more accessible equipment such as yoga mats, stretch poles, and balance balls. This gym is intended for more casual private or group exercises, where students can work out and relax whilst gazing at the splendid view of Okuma Garden. 

Group exercises run by pro instructors are also held two to three times a week. Sessions range from Yoga, Pilates, Hula dance, Aerobics, and kickboxing. Each session runs for about 60 minutes and accommodates individuals with all levels of fitness.  

How can students sign up?

To be able to use either the  B2F of Toyama Campus Student Center or Refresh Studioo of Waseda University Okuma Garden House, students must be currently enrolled at Waseda University. 

Students must bring the four following items to the Training Center in order to register: 

1. Waseda student ID card
2. Individual health card or Medical certificate
3. ID photograph  (Size: 3 cm × 2.5 cm)
4. Registration fee of 3000 yen for the B2F Toyama Campus Student Center and/or 1500 yen for the Refresh Studio 

Opening hours of the two gymnasiums are as follows: 

Training Center Hours

  • Weekdays and Saturday – 10:00~21:00
  • Sunday and holidays – 12:00~19:00
  • Training Center is closed when the Student Union Building is closed

Refresh Studio

  • Open every day from 16:00~20:00
  • Lessons for fall semester available from October to January from 17:00~18:00/18:30~19:30
  • Closed August, September, and March

Student testimonial – Takako Sagawa

Lastly, let’s hear from Takako Sagawa about her experiences of using the gym. Takako is a second year, School of Humanities and Social Sciences student who decided to enroll in a trial session at the B2F Toyama Campus Training Center.

“The exercises themselves weren’t that difficult, but I was surprised by how much you can work on muscles you don’t normally use. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do weight training, but with the friendly guidance of the Training Center staff, it was really fun. I really realized how the Training Center is easy for anyone to use, not just athletic types. The feeling of refreshment I had after working out made me want to continue making active use of the Training Center from here on.”

Despite the Refresh studio being designed more for causal use whilst the Training Center has been created for a serious workout, Takako points out that working out at the Training Center is not as intimidating as you may think. Trainers are always available to teach proper use of the machine, allowing individuals to work out specific muscle groups that you do not use much in daily life whilst preventing injuries. 

To read more about Takako’s experiences, click here:


Why not go for a workout at one of Waseda University’s gymnasium? Waseda offers two main gyms, the B2F Toyama Campus Training Center and the Okuma Garden House Refresh Studio. Both gyms can be used for a very cheap yearly membership fee – 3000 yen for the Training Center and 1500 yen for the Refresh Studio. I highly encourage you all to sign up and give the gyms at Waseda University a go!