Exploring and Discovering Future Paths

Osaka University’s (OU) Liberal Arts Programs offer a variety of courses for their students to choose from. The classes consist of subjects in philosophy, history, literature, and language – these classes and curriculum are required classes that are common to all faculties.

The first two years help the students find out what type of careers they could pursue with their degree or what requirements they need for their major. OU wants to give their students the freedom to explore and discover what they want to pursue in life.

OU’s liberal arts courses are divided into four different subject groups:

  • Basic Liberal Arts Course
  • Contemporary Liberal Arts Course
  • International Liberal Arts
  • Advanced Liberal Arts Course.

Most of the classes are mainly held at the Toyonaka Campus. Liberal Arts students are free to explore and pick any courses under these four subject groups. Students can also choose to take language, sports education, specialized education subjects or seminars, but most of the students from first to the second year decide to take classes from the four groups of subjects.

Grade System and Unit for Liberal Arts

The liberal arts education subject has a certain number of units required to take per semester. What is a “unit”? A unit is used by the university to quantify learning.

For lesson subjects to receive one unit, it requires that the student has 45 hours of studying both inside and outside the classroom. Different classes have a different number of units granted per semester or term.

Unlike other universities, OU’s grading system is a little different. It’s very easy for the students to make a mistake in assessing their actual grade when they see this grading system for the first time.

The system is still similar to other universities which use letter grading system where “A” is the highest and “F” is the lowest. At Osaka University however, S is the highest grade, followed by A, B, C then directly skips to F. As you can see, this grading system skipped E and D and went straight to F as the lowest grade. It is a common mistake that students come across on their first semester.


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