As one of the 13 universities chosen by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) under the Global 30 Project in 2009 to develop a more globalized higher education system in Japan, Kyushu University is dedicated to creating an environment welcoming to international students. In 2014, Kyushu University was also selected to be part of the Top Global University Project – another MEXT initiative targeted at globalizing education in Japan. Consequently, Kyushu University features a number of programs targeted at international students. These programs aim to seamlessly integrate international students into academic and social life in Japan by reducing linguistic and cultural barriers so international students can focus on their studies and research.

Ito Campus of Kyushu University. By そらみみ (Soramimi) [CC BY-SA 4.0] from Wikimedia Commons
The university offers these specialized programs in English at both the undergraduate and graduate level, and in a variety of subjects. At the undergraduate level, Kyushu University offers the International Undergraduate Program in English (IUPE). Some examples of the programs you might find in Kyushu University are:

Undergraduate: Faculty of Engineering: International Undergraduate Programs in English

Kyushu University’s Faculty of Engineering offers a number of international undergraduate programs in English that lead to a bachelor’s degree in Engineering upon graduation. While these programs are offered entirely in English, students take Japanese classes concurrently to help ease their move to Japan.

The programs comprise two main components – a core curriculum in students’ first year that focuses on foundation science classes and liberal arts subjects, as well as a specialized curriculum that is dependent on which department students choose to specialize in. The core curriculum is common in all of Kyushu’s international undergraduate programs and offers subjects in areas such as Japanese Culture and Society, Law, Economics, Philosophy, and many more.

Faculty of Literature, Kyushu University. By そらみみ [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons
As for the specialized program under the Faculty of Engineering, students can choose from four departments:

  1. Applied Chemistry
  2. Civil Engineering
  3. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  4. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

For example, if students choose to specialize in Applied Chemistry, they would take classes in Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry. If students choose to specialize in Civil Engineering, they would take classes in Hydraulics and Soil Mechanics.

Undergraduate: Faculty of Agriculture: International Undergraduate Programs in English

The international undergraduate program from the Faculty of Agriculture is known as the Undergraduate Program in Bioresource and Bioenvironment, and is Kyushu University’s newest undergraduate program. Also conducted entirely in English, this program focuses on the intersection between natural and social sciences, with the aspiration of equipping students with the skills to problem-solve and conduct research independently in areas such as agriculture and food security. Students will graduate from this program with a Bachelor of Science.

Similar to the IUPE offered by the Faculty of Engineering, the Bioresource and Bioenvironment program comprises two main components – the core curriculum, as well as the specialized subjects component. Under the Faculty of Agriculture, students can choose to specialize in four areas:

  1. Agricultural Resources, Engineering, and Economics
  2. Applied Biosciences
  3. Forestry and Forest Products
  4. Animal Resources

Kasuya Research Forest of Kyushu University. By そらみみ [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons
Graduate Programs in English

With 18 graduate schools and 5 research institutes, Kyushu University is well-equipped to support all sorts of graduate research. Many of the university’s graduate schools offer International Graduate Programs – graduate programs that are conducted in English and do not require any level of Japanese language proficiency. For example, the Graduate School of Humanities offers an International Master’s Program in Japanese Humanities, as well as an International Doctorate in Japanese Humanities.

Note that while Japanese proficiency is not technically required, many of the graduate schools will inform students that a certain level of proficiency is advantageous – for example, graduate schools will list that ‘JLPT N1 Level is desirable’. Students looking to apply to the graduate program should check the language requirements and program curriculum thoroughly.


Scholarships at both the undergraduate and graduate levels are offered by Kyushu University, the Japanese Government (MONBUKAGAKUSHO: MEXT), as well as other private foundations, or international organizations. Students looking to apply should take particular note of the dates of scholarship application, as some scholarships have requirements regarding whether you can apply before or after application to the university.

Feature image is Main gate of Hakozaki Campus of Kyushu University. By そらみみ [CC BY-SA 4.0], retrieved from Wikimedia Commons.