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Amidst the hustle and bustle of Central Tokyo is an equally dynamic and exciting environment – the campuses of Meiji University. Read on to find out more about Meiji University’s four campuses, and all the features that they offer.

Meiji University is a private university located in the heart of Central Tokyo. It comprises four campuses: Surugadai Campus, Izumi Campus, Ikuta Campus, and Nakano Campus. It has 10 undergraduate schools, 12 graduate schools, and 4 professional graduate schools. In addition to being conveniently located to major train stations such as Shinjuku and Shibuya, Meiji University’s campuses are also located close to important institutions such as government ministries and economic agencies.

For international students, easy accessibility to social, financial, and physical health support from universities is extremely important. Meiji University offers these support systems across its four campuses. The International Student Office, where students can access study abroad information, consultation, and services specific to international students, as well as the International Lounge, where international students can interact with other students, are headquartered in Surugadai Campus. However, there are branch offices in the other campuses, so accessibility is not an issue.

Each of the campuses also features their own libraries, as well as media libraries, which are well-stocked with video, audio, and other types of media. Opening hours for the libraries differ across campuses however, so students should be sure to check the libraries’ respective websites.

Surugadai Campus

Surugadai Campus

Surugadai Campus is the traditional base of Meiji University, and is primarily for junior and senior year undergraduate students. It is home to the University Museum as well as the Aku You Memorial Museum, both of which are repositories of great cultural value. Appropriately, Surugadai Campus is located in the Kanda Surugadai area, close to the district of Jimbocho – an area famed for its second-hand bookstores and student-town vibe. The campus also features Meiji University’s landmark Liberty Tower – a building from which you can see the sprawl of the Tokyo Metropolitan area from the top-floor. The tower also features a dining hall (Sky Lounge Akatsuki) on the 17th floor.

Izumi Campus

Izumi Campus is primarily for freshmen and sophomores with focuses on subjects such as Law, Commerce, Political Science, Economics, Arts and Letters and others. It is home to the recently-opened Izumi Library, which was built to facilitate student study sessions within the library. Izumi Campus also features an International Lounge, which not only provides information for International students on a wide variety of issues, but also encourages student interaction.

Izumi Campus of Meiji University. (By BANAME from Wikimedia Commons. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Meiji_University_Izumi_Campus.jpg)

Ikuta Campus

Ikuta Campus is home to the School of Science and Technology, and the School of Agriculture. With the focus on studying the natural environment and agricultural activities, Ikuta Campus also houses the Advance Plant Factory Research Center as well as the Kurokawa Field Science Center – a farm that facilitates practical studies of natural resources and state-of-the-art technologies.

Example of plant research in the Ikuta Campus research facilities. (By VMⅡ from Wikimedia Commons.

Nakano Campus

The newest of Meiji University’s campuses, Nakano Campus opened in 2013. The focus of Nakano Campus is on internationalization and interdisciplinary studies. It is home to both undergraduate and graduate schools that focus on subjects like Global Japanese Studies and Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences. Nakano Campus features specially designed areas such as the Cross-field Lounge and the Learning Lounge, which encourage interaction between faculty, graduate and undergraduate members, as well as collaborative work.

Nakano Campus Lobby of Meiji University. (By UZM from Wikimedia Commons.
Featured Image is Meiji Campus, by Kakidai.
Retrieved from: https://ja.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/ファイル:Meiji_University_Nakano,Campus_%26_TeikyoHeiseiUniv-Nakano_2014.JPG

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