Introducing part 2! In this article, I will cover a few of my favourite (some are hidden) spots in the Komaba campus.

(1) Hakuinsha Pavillion

A quiet, beautiful pond surrounded by lush greenery (although the insects during the summer irk me greatly). Occasionally, I stop by here to have picnic with my friends. Truly a hidden gem I coincidentally stumbled upon while walking around the campus.

(2) Walkway


The never-ending symmetrical line of trees is truly appealing, making it a famous spot for taking photos.

(3) Lever Son Verre


One of my favorite restaurants in the campus. Not only is this French restaurant stylish, but lunch here is cheap and tasty too! For lunch, they offer  a 1000 yen set with free flow of bread and salad.

(4) Italian Tomato Cafe Jr.


Next to the school canteen is this stylish cafe which serves Italian food.  It is a chain store and has different branches all over Japan. Though the food is slightly pricey, the interior is beautiful.