Akita International University is a public university established by the local prefecture government back in 2004. Compared to private universities, their annual tuition is relatively cheaper. As an international student, you don’t want to break the bank just to have an immersive experience to study in Japan or to get a degree at a Japanese university. Luckily, AIU offers a generous amount of scholarships available for eligible Japanese and International students.

Here’s a list of merit/grant-type scholarships offered at AIU which undergraduate international students are also eligible to apply for, currently as of April 2021.

5th Anniversary – AIU Honors Program for Academic Achievement

Amount:  President’s list: 200,000 JPY/semester

Dean’s list: 100,000 JPY/semester

Eligibility: Undergraduate degree-seeking students and special non-degree seeking students who are on either President’s list or Dean’s list.

5th Anniversary – AIU International Student Scholarship

Amount: 35,000JPY/month

Eligibility:  International degree seeking students whose alien registration status is “study aboard.”

5th Anniversary – AIU Honors Program for Extracurricular Performance

Amount: Maximum amount 300,000 JPY/group, 100,000 JPY/individual

Eligibility: An individual or a group which is nominated by 2 faculty/staff members; an individual or a group which advanced to a final in a competition.

Scholarship for Study Abroad

Amount: 100,000 JPY

Eligibility: Undergraduate degree seeking students whose cumulative GPA is 3.80 or above at the time of application.

Ambassador Scholarship

Maximum amount
A) Meeting in Japan 60,000 JPY/person; 200,000 JPY/group
B) Overseas Meeting 100,000 JPY/person; 300,000 JPY/group
C) If the president recognizes the need for student attendance at a particular event, maximum amount for group is raised to 400,000 JPY and 500,000 JPY for A) and B), respectively.

Eligibility:  Students who participate in an international conference, a meeting or an event where many university students gather. Special non-degree seeking students and non-degree seeking students may also apply for this scholarship.

For further inquiries, contact:

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E-mail. generalaffairs@aiu.ac.jp
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