Liberal Arts at Rikkyo University

Millennials, for the most part, are uncertain with their choices with life. Choosing a degree may be a daunting task, so why not check out a Liberal Arts Program? In the 21st century, Liberal Arts can equip you with the skills to be an expert in different kind of fields, such as literature, arts, politics, business, and history. Rikkyo University, a Christian university founded in 1874 and located in Tokyo, established the Global Liberal Arts Program, or GLAP, last April 2017. The new academic program, which aims to “cultivate global leaders who are able to think and act on their own, and live in harmony with the world”, offers the program in English to foreign students who wish to study the arts program in Japan. The program, which only accepts 20 students per year, offers an environment that nurtures the students’ academic interest and helps them expand their academic horizon.

Rikkyo University data of GALP

The students who are admitted in the program, due to the programs aim to teach each individual with the core values to be globally competitive, offers classes, such as their English tutorial, with a 5:1 student to professor ratio, lets the students acquire basic competencies in a global setting.

The program also requires the student study abroad for one academic year with their partner universities, such as Leiden University in Sweden and Lingnan University in Hong Kong, helps them to further learn experiences in a foreign environment and build a wide range of connections with people around the world through encounters with different cultures and customs.

Once the students’ study abroad program is finished and they acquire knowledge that helps them determine their choices, they are required to choose a specialization, ranging from Humanities, Citizenship, and Business to deepen their understanding on that field.

The program’s full curriculum has three phases:

Introduction Phase

From the first to second semester, the course offers compulsory subjects related to Global Leadership, a field which helps students how to solve real problems and learn the elements of leadership, tutorial English, improve their competencies with their Academic English proficiency, and University-wide language courses, such as German, French, Chinese, Korean and Russian. However, these classes are taught in Japanese, foreign students who are confident with their Japanese abilities can opt to take Japanese classes, which are taught in English, as their foreign language subject. The students are given the freedom to take English Liberal Arts subjects to give them a perspective on different art fields, such as Political Sociology and Culture and Fine Arts.

Rikkyo University building

Developmental Phase

Third to fifth semester offers more insights on Global leadership while introducing Global Studies, which will help them decide their specialization after their study abroad for two semesters, which starts on their third semester.

Completion Phase

From the sixth to eight semester focuses on academic work with chosen specialization, while taking subjects related to the field with two final year seminars and one graduation paper. The students are also able to take more additional English Liberal Arts if they hope to do so.

Throughout the year, GLAP offers summer intensive programs and other free elective subjects for the students who wish to excel in more academic subjects. Students on their sixth to eight semester can further experience extracurricular educational programs by participating in Student Assistant (SA) Activities.