Why Akita International University?

Are you an international student who is interested in a study abroad program in Japan at a prestigious institution without having to be at the center of loud and busy Tokyo? Are you an international student who wants to study at a university where English is the main medium of language but also want to develop your Japanese language skill and learn about Japan at the same time?  Then Akita International University(AIU) is the right choice for you. Nestled in the lush green environment of Akita City located in the northwest of Japan, this university offers an outstanding International Liberal Arts Education across many interdisciplinary fields for both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Student life in Japan for many international students is a culturally immersive experience at this university. Read on to learn more about the English-taught programs offered at AIU.

Extensive Programs for International  Students

  • Japan Studies

This program offers a wide range of courses for many international students that are interested in studying about Japan and how it relates to the world. The courses are designed to equip students with knowledge of the language, history, culture, religion, society, literature, politics, business and economics in Japan. Most of the classes are conducted in English, except for a few which are taught in Japanese which are fit for international students with advanced Japanese language skills. Enrolling in Japanese language courses are also optional.

It also offers activities that extend learning outside the classroom such as visits to local elementary schools, trips to museums and historical places and participating in the various festivals celebrated in Akita.

Kanto festival at Akita Prefecture; https://www.akita-yulala.jp/en/festival/kanto-festival
  • Japanese Language

A placement test is conducted at the beginning of each semester to asses a student’ Japanese language skill level, regardless of the Japanese courses they have taken before coming to AIU.

The Japanese language courses are divided into skill-based levels: Elementary, Intermediate, Higher-Intermediate, and Advanced. Each levels are also subdivided into three categories:  1) Core Courses, 2) Practice Courses, and/or 3) Skill Courses. These classes have different purposes and goals depending on the student’s ability.

5 Undergraduate Courses at AIU

Global Business Program

International students who are not majoring in economics and business at their home institutions may enroll in the GB program to broaden their knowledge in these areas. This program takes on a liberal approach to the study of business and economics.  Some of the courses offered in this program are International Business Law, Corporate Finance, Organizational Behavior and Game Theory. The courses are said to be designed to “provide deeper insight into marketing, management, Japanese business culture, international business, and business in the digital age.”

Global Studies Program

This program offers an in-depth study on the changing times of modern world and how globalization is taking effect on all aspects. Basics of the course include classes on world history and culture, concepts of liberal arts and social sciences. Students then proceed to picking a concentration of three areas of studies: North America, East Asia, or Transnational Studies.

According to the official school website,

North American Studies focuses on the United States, Canada, and Mexico- their histories, political institutions and thought, and societies. East Asian Studies provides a broad acquaintance with that region of the world, specifically, China, including Taiwan and Hong Kong, the Korean Peninsula, Mongolia, and Far East Russia. Transnational Studies enables students to take courses that bridge different regions of the world. The EU, NATO, and the UN, among other organizations, will be studied with focus upon regional cooperation, conflict resolution, and democratization.”

3 Graduate Programs at AIU

The Graduate School of Global Communication and Language at AIU

  • English Language Teaching Practices
  • Japanese Language Teaching Practices
  • Global Communication Practices

Students are required to take specialized courses in English Language Teaching Practices, Japanese Language Teaching Practices, or Global Communication Practices depending on the subject area they choose to concentrate on.  Students learn theory in the classroom and then apply it in the real world through internships and teaching practice; deepening their theoretical knowledge and realistic approach to application.

Teaching certificates may also be granted to students who complete the required courses and earn the necessary credits.

For more information about the graduate school, check out https://web.aiu.ac.jp/en/degree/graduate-program/outline/.

What’s good to know?

  • 100% of classes are taught in English
  • 15:1 student faculty ratio
  • 52% of faculty members are foreign teachers
  • 193 overseas partner universities in 50 countries and regions
  • No additional tuition fees to go on the exchange program
  • 100% employment rate
  • 16 types of entrance examination
  • 6 times of examination opportunities

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