Keio University is the oldest modern institution for higher learning in Japan. The esteemed institution ranks among the top universities in Japan as well as in the world. Fukuzawa Yukichi, whose portrait can be seen on every ¥10000 note, founded the university in 1858. Fukuzawa is credited with introducing Western ideas to the country and is celebrated as a powerful influential figure. His legacy lives on at Keio, where individuals from Japan and beyond enjoy the myriad opportunities to learn at the prestigious institution.  Multiple campuses throughout the Tokyo region provide spaces scholars of various faculties to pursue their academic careers. Each campus offers unique qualities that maximize the educational experiences of its community members.

Mita Campus

the gothic front gate of keio university's mita campus

The main Keio campus is located in Mita, a central part of Tokyo. Mita campus was established in 1871 and remains a historically and culturally significant property. The gothic architecture of the century-old library highlights Keio’s history, while newer modern buildings illustrate the innovative side of the prestigious university. Students at Mita Campus can study in 6 faculties: Letters, Economics, Law (including Political Science), Business and Commerce, Human Relations (graduate only), and Law School (graduate only).

Hiyoshi Campus

the gingko tree lined walkway of Keio University's Hiyoshi campusHiyoshi Campus, photo by Nina Patrick

Many students attend Keio’s Hiyoshi campus as well, located in Kanagawa prefecture. First and second-year students of seven faculties (Letters, Economics, Law, Business and Commerce, Science and Technology, Pharmacy, Medicine), as well as students of three graduate schools (Business and Administration, System Design and Management, Media Design), populate the campus. Since it is not located in the middle of the Tokyo like Mita, Hiyoshi has a comfortable suburban atmosphere as well as a beautiful gingko-tree lined walkway leading to campus grounds.

Yagami Campus

the technologically advanced Keio University Yagami Campus

Just a short walk away from Hiyoshi Campus is Yagami Campus. Third and fourth-year students and graduate students of the Science and Technology department call this campus home. The campus has modern technological equipment to enhance the learning experience of students.

Shonan Fujisawa Campus

Keio University's natural and beautiful shonan fujisawa campus

Also in Kanagawa Prefecture is Shonan Fujisawa Campus, often called SFC. This campus is located much further south than the other campuses of Keio, so nature is abundant, and the school is free from the metropolitan hustle and bustle. SFC is home to three faculties (Policy Management, Environment and Information Studies, Nursing and Medical Care) as well as two graduate schools (Media and Governance, Health Management).

Shinanomachi and Shiba-Kyoritsu Campuses

the medicinally focused Keio University Shinanomachi Campus

Keio University's pharmaceutically focused shiba kyoritsu campus

Shinanomachi Campus and Shiba-Kyoritsu Campus focus in pharmaceutical and medical fields with focuses on research and hands-on experiences.

Keio is a historically rich university that has continued to remain a distinguished institution in both a national and global scale. Its campuses house various faculties and bright students that serve as the foundation of Keio’s distinguished academic community. Each campus provides ample resources that enable students to excel and succeed in their fields of study, no matter their country of origin. Whether it be to study abroad at Keio, take a campus tour, or just to look around, the scholarly spirit of the university is sure to charm all who visit.



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