Sophia University’s campus is located in the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo, Japan.  It is conveniently located feet away from Yotsuya Station, a major transport hub connected to both the Japan Railway overground Chuo Line as well as several lines on the Tokyo Metro system.  The campus itself is not very large, but supports a dozen or so academic buildings as well as a large athletic complex and administrative buildings.  Also within is S.J. House, a Catholic chapel dating back to the school’s founding.  Next to the school is St. Ignatius Church, functioning Catholic compound with a large attending religious community with services in multiple languages.  The main campus houses all faculties of the school, and this allows the students to easily access and explore other subjects of study without much hindrance. 

Sophia University


Running alongside Sophia is Sophia-dori, an avenue lined with cherry blossoms on the walls of the old moat wall that once surrounded the pre-Meiji Edo capital.  During the spring the flowers bloom and provides a very attractive landscape.  Sophia University is very centrally located in regards to the heart of Tokyo’s business sector. 

The school also hosts many festivities, such as a Yukata Day, where students are encouraged to dress in traditional Japanese wear.  For those interested there are vendors that provide wares from head to toe.  Since being a Jesuit institution, the school follows the Catholic holiday calendar.  Sadly for some this means that Japanese national holidays are not adhered to, but Christian holidays such as Christmas and All Saints’ Day are given reverence and days off.

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Besides that, events such as music festivals and sports games against rival schools bring this campus some energy worthy of an excellent school for higher education.