Kyoto University is a well-known, world-class institution with cutting-edge research hub, state-of-the-art facilities and a myriad of global programs. Notwithstanding the prestige, the university is also particularly generous with its scholarship programs, which are mainly given to financially challenged but deserving international students. Kyoto University always tries to support its students in every possible way, as they believe it would inspire students to make consistent efforts without worrying about financial burdens. That’s why Schoolynk has part 2 about numerous scholarship offers in the series “Kyoto University for International Students”. Along with the scholarship information, this article will provide you with further details regarding tuition and living expenses as well.

Kyoto University


As of April 2020, Kyoto University’s tuition fee is as follows:

CategoriesExam FeeAdmission FeeTuition
Undergraduate17,000 JPY282,000 JPY535,800 JPY / year
Graduate30,000 JPY282,000 JPY535,800 JPY / year
Law School
30,000 JPY282,000 JPY804,000 JPY / year
Research9,800 JPY84,600 JPY29,700 JPY / year

Please also note the date to complete the payment process:

  • Examination fee: At the time of application for admission.
  • Admission fee: When completing the entrance formalities.
  • Tuition fee: In May and in November.

Tuition exemption

Undergraduate and graduate students can have their tuition fees reduced by half or full if they have been selected for tuition exemption. Eligible students for this financial funding program are those who have excellent academic records and are currently undergoing financial difficulties. Since only a small number of outstanding students can receive this financial support, the selection process is highly competitive. Therefore, it is recommended students should keep up with the latest information from Kyoto University’s academic affairs office for preparation!


At each degree level, Kyoto University offers different scholarships to students with outstanding academic records. It also nominates students for other private scholarships that award stipends of varying amounts. The most popular scholarship programs offered by Kyoto University are as follows:

1. MEXT Scholarship

There are two main ways for international students to receive this prestigious scholarship offered by the Japanese government: through embassy recommendation and through the host university recommendation. Most of the MEXT Scholarship students at Kyoto University earned their scholarships through embassy recommendation, which is usually before matriculation.

For more information, see theJapanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship.

2. Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately-financed International Students

For privately-financed international undergraduate students, you may know this scholarship under the name “JASSO Scholarship”. Applications for this program are generally accepted following admission to the university. Undergraduate scholars and graduate scholars can receive 48,000 JPY per month in this scholarship.

For further details, see the JASSO website.

3. Student exchange support program (scholarship for short-term study in Japan)

This scholarship program is provided by JASSO, which is eligible for international students who are hosted by a Japanese university under a student exchange agreement between the host university, and their home university. Scholars are provided a monthly stipend of 80,000 JPY during the student’s period of stay in Japan.

Applications for the scholarship should be made to Kyoto University through the student’s home institution. Direct applications from students to either Kyoto University or JASSO will NOT be accepted.

4. Scholarships from private foundations:

Kyoto University nominates candidates for approximately 60 private scholarship programs per year. Each program typically offers a scholarship of between 30,000 and 180,000 yen per month to one or two students. Therefore, the application procedure, as well as the selection process of each program, is different. Some of these scholarships require you to have a certain level of Japanese language proficiency so that you are able to join the interview in Japanese.

You can see the list of programs that accepted applications through Kyoto University during the previous academic year at University-nominated scholarships.

Find more scholarships on SchooLynk

Living expenses

Located in Kyoto, students of Kyoto University have lower living costs, compared to Tokyo or Osaka. In 2018, international students of Kyoto University were asked to do a survey on their monthly living expenses. According to the “Student Guide to Japan 2018-2019,” published by JASSO, the average living expenses for international students in Kyoto are 81,000 JPY per month (excluding academic fees). The estimated details are as follows:

  • House rent: ¥30,000-45,000/month for a basic 1-bedroom apartment
  • Food: ¥27,000
  • Utilities: ¥7,000
  • Phone: ¥5,000/month
  • Others: ¥6,000/ month

During the lunch break, students can go to the school’s cafeteria that offers affordable meals. You can choose among various set meals (¥480) or a plate of filling Japanese-style curry (¥380).

Kyoto University International House

Don’t worry about the accommodation when you first settle in Kyoto university because Kyoto University International House will be there to help you.

There are seven international houses in total, which provide accommodations for international students and researchers. They are located in the Shugakuin, Yoshida, Uji, Ohbaku, Misasagi, Hyakumanben, and Okazaki areas of Kyoto. Among the international houses, Yoshida International House and Uji International House are on-campus facilities. Please note that the number of rooms and the tenancy period of the houses are different and limited. The move-in periods for the houses are April and October. The maximum duration of stay at the International Houses is one year only. After that, students must move out.

Costs for Ohbaku International House

The charges of water, bedding and internet access are included.

  • Single room: 12,400 JPY per month
  • Double room: 19,800 JPY per month
  • Family room: 24,900 JPY per month

Further details about other International Houses, visit here.

On top of that, students can earn an extra amount of money by having a part-time job. Job opportunities are plenty in the Kyoto area, with an average salary fluctuating around 950-1000 JPY/ hour. Additionally, enrolled graduate students are eligible to be employed as Research Assistants (RA) and Teaching Assistants (TA), which pay quite generously.

Ranked as the best university in Japan with the motto “Freedom of academic culture,” Kyoto University is absolutely a worth-studying place for any students. It is a matter of pride to study at Kyoto University, one of the best universities in the world, and certainly one of the best in Japan. 

Why not consider developing your study plan at Kyoto University right now? A plethora of opportunities are waiting for you, in Japan, in Kyoto, and at Kyoto University!!!

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